Cub Cadet 700 Series Snow Thrower Overview

The Cub Cadet 700 Series is a heavy-duty residential snow thrower. The 700 Series is the strongest residential snow thrower series offered by Cub Cadet. It is ideal for deep and heavy slush, ice, and snow. At present, the 700 Series includes only the 728 TDE snow thrower.

Cub Cadet 728 TDE
The Cub Cadet 728 TDE provides commercial-grade capabilities to residential users. It offers a wide 28-inch clearing width with a 21-inch high intake. This presents a wide opening to the snow and ensures that the operator can not only clear wide swaths of shallow snow, but also clear particularly deep snowdrifts.

To ensure that the machine can handle the deep snow, a 277 cubic centimeter 4-cycle OHV engine powers the 728 TDE. This engine powers a 12-inch heavy-duty serrated steel auger, ensuring that the entire driveline can cope with large volumes of heavy slush and ice. Users can select from six forward and two reverse speeds, allowing users to select an appropriate speed for the job at hand.

The 728 TDE uses a tank drive system. Unlike many conventional snow throwers, the heavy-duty 728 TDE utilizes tank tracks instead of wheels. This permits the machine to have a high contact surface with the snow and ice, allowing for maximum traction. This makes the machine usable on low-friction surfaces, such as ice. These tank treads permit users to operate the machine over slippery and uneven terrain.

The 728 TDE includes a wide variety of ergonomic features for the operator. An in-dash headlight permits users to operate the machine in low-light conditions safely. The Zero-Turn Posi-Steer power steering feature allows users to maneuver the 245-pound machine effortlessly. Cool Blue rust-resistant skid shoes help to reduce friction between the machine and the ground, allowing it to move along more smoothly. Electric starting helps users deploy the machine in inclement weather with minimal hassle. The 4-way single-hand chute control feature allows users to easily adjust the direction and distance of the snow.

The 728 TDE is ideal for private property owners with large lawns, deep snow, and uneven terrain that requires clearance. Its wide opening, potent engine, and ergonomic features may also make it attractive for commercial users who must cope with deep snowdrifts. However, commercial users should take note that the 728 TDE only offers a 5-quart fuel capacity. Commercial users who may intend to run the machine for hours and clear large areas that are away from spare fuel should consider upgrading to the 900 Series.

The 728 TDE is available with several optional accessories. Customers can purchase a cover to protect the machine during storage, a snow cab to protect the operator from any harsh elements, a floor mat to protect the floor during storage, and a drift cutter mounted on the outside of the auger to help the machine slice into deep drifts. With an intake 21 inches high, the drift cutter is a wise investment for potential buyers.

OEM Parts
Cub Cadet offers its 700 Series snow throwers with a 3-year limited residential warranty and a 1-year limited commercial warranty. Like any machine, snow throwers will require maintenance over the long term. When servicing Cub Cadet snow throwers, Cub Cadet strongly recommends that owners use only OEM parts. OEM parts are manufactured to the manufacturer’s specifications. Aftermarket products may use different materials or different processes that can cause the part to fail prematurely or even damage the machine. For example, an auger or blower shear bolt that is too strong will transfer abrupt stresses to the auger and motor while a shear bolt that is too weak will prematurely break.

Should customers need to purchase spare or replacement OEM parts, customers can visit and use theĀ Cub Cadet parts lookup tool. This tool ensures that customers order the right part that suits their needs and the ordering process is seamless.

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