Cub Cadet 900 Series Snow Thrower Overview

It is never to early to think about your snow removal plans for this winter. With a little bit of forethought and research, you can determine the best model for your needs. This article is the first article in a weekly series of snow thrower reviews that are intended to help you with your decision.

Cub Cadet 900 Series is Cub Cadet’s most powerful series of snow throwers. They are suitable to heavy commercial tasks involving heavy slush, snow, and ice.

Cub Cadet 900 Series

The 900 Series models possess a variety of similarities. All 900 Series models posses an in-dash headlight, remote pitch control, remote chute rotation, Cool Blue skid shoes, and a heavy-duty 16-inch steel auger and impeller.

The standard in-dash headlight permits occupants to work in the darkness without having to resort to a handheld flashlight. Remote chute rotation permits the user to adjust the direction in which the snow is being thrown without having to stop the machine and fiddle with the chute itself. The Cool Blue skid shoes permit the heavy-duty equipment from dragging on ice and damaging either the machine or the surface beneath. The standard transmission with six forward gears and two reverse gears makes clearing long lines easy. All 900 Series snow throwers feature electric start as standard. Zero-Turn Posi-Steer power steering is also standard on all models. These features combine to make the snow thrower very user-friendly.

The Cub Cadet 900 Series of snow throwers includes three different models: the 930 SWE, the 933 SWE, and the 945 SWE.

Cub Cadet 930 SWE

The Cub Cadet 930 SWE is the standard model of the series. It offers a 30-inch clearing width and uses a 357 cubic centimeter OHV 4-cycle Cub Cadet engine, which is suitable for handling most situations. At 383 pounds, the 930 SWE is the lightest snow thrower in its series.

Optional accessories include a cover, a drift cutter for deep snow, a snow cab to keep the occupant sheltered, and a floor mat for storage. Heated hand grips are also optional.

Cub Cadet 933 SWE

The Cub Cadet 933 SWE is the intermediate model of the series. It offers a 33-inch clearing width, which is slightly wider than the 930 SWE. This makes it ideal for customers who have slightly greater clearing needs, but do not need the highest levels of capability. The 933 SWE uses the same 357 cubic centimeter Cub Cadet engine as the 930 SWE. The unit weighs 393 pounds. It is suitable for the same applications as the 930 SWE, as it offers a 10 percent greater clearing width at a slightly higher price.

The optional features and accessories are the same as those for the 930 SWE; customers may purchase a cover, snow cab, drift cutter, and floor mat. Heated handgrips are still optional.

Cub Cadet 945 SWE

Weighing in at 478 pounds, the Cub Cadet 945 SWE is the heaviest model of the heaviest series. It is also the most capable snow thrower in the series.

The 945 SWE provides the highest capabilities for customers who need to clear large areas or handle the deepest drifts. At 45 inches, its clearing width is the widest of all Cub Cadet snow throwers. This makes the machine suitable for clearing the largest possible areas. To help the machine process the heavy amounts of slush, ice, and snow, the engine has been upgraded with this model. The 945 SWE uses a 420 cubic centimeter Cub Cadet engine. The tires have also been upgraded over the other models in the series; the 945 SWE uses dual 16 inch by 6.5 inch tires, while the 930 SWE and 933 SWE use single tires of the same size. This helps to secure the machine’s traction in deep snow.

Unlike the 930 SWE and 933 SWE, heated grips are standard on the Cub Cadet 945. Customers may also purchase a cover, snow cab, drift cutter, or floor mat.

OEM Parts

Per the manufacturers recommendation, users should service their Cub Cadet snow thrower only with quality OEM parts. Unlike many aftermarket parts, OEM parts are made to factory specifications. Improperly sized or strengthened parts can fail prematurely or cause costly damage to the machine. By using OEM parts, users ensure that their machine will provide service for many years to come.

Obtaining spare parts for Cub Cadet snow throwers is simple for customers who purchase the parts from Determining part numbers and names is simple; by using the online parts diagram lookup tool, users ensure that they are getting the exact part that they need.

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