Cub Cadet: American Innovation and Ingenuity

Cub CadetA lot of things have changed since the first Cub Cadets rolled off the assembly line in 1961. Although it began as International Harvester’s small tractor brand, it eventually gained independence as a manufacturer of lawn equipment and eventually joined MTD to become their top brand. What hasn’t changed is their dedication to American development and production. New models and technologies are developed at their headquarters in Valley City, Ohio, just outside Cleveland, while their products are manufactured at facilities in Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi.

Patriotism may be enough to give their lawn care products a look, but it’s this same local development and manufacturing that have made Cub Cadet one of the most innovative names in the business from the smallest trimmers to the biggest industrial applications.

Professional Quality and Usability for the Homeowner

Consumer lawn care gets a bad rap for skimping on quality and features to reach a price point, but Cub Cadet’s products have always tried to build in the same easy-to-own qualities of their commercial brethren. The company is so dedicated to delivering the most ergonomic, easiest to use equipment on the market that they started doing something unheard-of in the industry: they started making their own engines.

Why? Although they were satisfied with the quality of other company’s motors, they weren’t satisfied with how hard they were to use. Cub Cadet’s motors are designed from the ground up to start without having to pull the starter handle over and over again. In fact, they’re so confident of this feature that these motors are covered by their SureStart guarantee. As long as the mower is properly maintained and is used with the correct fuel, the company guarantees the engine will start after two tries. That means less wear and tear on electric starters, pull starters and, most importantly, operators.

Award-Winning, even at CES

Cub Cadet’s efforts have been recognized throughout the industry from mowers being chosen as Consumer Digest Best Buys to a company-wide Gold Stevie award from fellow businesspeople at the American Business Awards. The company has even been honored at the Consumer Electronics Show, a place normally devoted to the latest computers and home electronics.

In 2013, the company became an Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Honoree in the Eco Design & Sustainable category with the RZT STM Zero. It was the first time anyone had seen an electric zero turning radius mower with four wheel steering and a steering-wheel based control system. With virtually no maintenance or noise, it was the easiest to use, easiest to maintain mower ever put in production.

The company did it again two years later, becoming a finalist in the 2015 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards with their new Cub Connect app. By connecting mower usage data with online resources, Cub Cadet has made maintaining a mower even easier. Now owners can automatically be notified when they need to perform maintenance and get everything they need from how-to guides to parts straight from their smartphones.

Helping Your Golf Game

In 2014, Cub Cadet bought Indianapolis-based Precise Path Robotics, a company at the forefront of automated mower technology. By combining Precise Path’s automation systems with Cub Cadet’s own mowing technology, the new golf division has created a line of mowers that don’t just make greens keeping simpler, they make golfing better.

With development covering 45 million square feet of greens at over two dozen courses, the RG3 has demonstrated the ability to make perfect passes with no overlap while rolling and mowing in one pass. For superintendents, it means greater morning productivity, helping them get the course open sooner with less manpower. For golfers, that means smoother, more consistent greens. For everyone involved in the game from designers to historians, the RG3 is key in preserving courses as they were meant to be played. By eliminating human error, the mower leave a perfect finish around bunkers and greens, eliminating greens creep so that courses the same shape for years without re-landscaping.

Ready for Your Own Cub Cadet? is an OEM dealer with parts and accessories for all Cub Cadets from their first tractors to their current consumer and professional models. Between our online parts diagrams, advanced parts search system and experienced staff, we can help you find what you need and ship it to you anywhere.

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