What is Cub Connect?

Cub ConnectThe Internet of Things is coming to lawn mowing!

It may sound gimmicky, but there’s a reason Cub Cadet’s new Cub Connect app was a finalist at the 2015 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards. By combining mower usage data with mobile Internet, this new app makes maintenance easier than ever. Everything from repair guides to parts diagrams is as close as your smartphone.

How Does it Work?

Cub Cadet’s Smart Hour Meter looks like any other digital hour meter, except it has a built-in Bluetooth transmitter with a range of about 150 feet. As long as the ignition switch is turned to “On,” the transmitter is active.

When setting up the app, the user records the model serial number, either by taking a photo of the number on the mower, or by entering it in manually. Once connected to the hour meter, the app can compare the usage information from the mower with factory information for that model.

What Does the App Do?

Opening the app displays the dashboard, showing the current number of operation hours and how long it will be until maintenance tasks like blade sharpening and oil changes need to be performed. If maintenance is already due, the app will send a notification.

Tapping on one of the sections brings up the monitor which displays more information. From here, you can get four types of help to complete the repair:

Get maintenance instructions: Pick the “Do it Yourself” option, and the app will show you instructions on how to make the repair. The full operator’s manual is also available to view from the app.

Schedule service: Need to have repairs or maintenance done by a professional? The app can find a local certified dealer and schedule a service appointment.

Order parts: Search for parts that fit your mower and order them directly from the app. Not quite sure what you need? The app has simplified part reference guides, and it automatically limits searches to parts that fit your model of mower.

Contact Customer Service: Still have questions? Call Cub Cadet with just one click.

Once maintenance is complete, it can be logged. Other reminders outside of factory recommended maintenance can also be added.

Which Models are Compatible With the App?

The app works with any mower that has a Smart Hour Meter. This meter is currently included with the following models:
RZT S 46, L46 and S54 fabricated deck zero turn riding mowers
XT1 LT 54, GT 50 and GX 54 lawn tractors
XT1 GT 50 garden tractor

Which Devices Can Use the Cub Connect App?

Cub Connect is available for iOS and Android. The iOS version works with Apple devices running iOS 6 or later, including the iPhone 4S, 5 and 5S as well as the iPod Touch. The Android version works with devices running Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or later equipped with Bluetooth.

Where is App Data Stored?

All the information the app stores about the mower is held on the device it runs on. This means losing the device will mean losing the maintenance logs unless it was backed up using standard phone and tablet backup tools. When bringing your Cub Cadet into a dealer for service, they will only be able to access maintenance information by using your device or by choosing to email or print a maintenance record from the app. Sharing information is completely optional, but it also means you will need to log maintenance yourself after it leaves the shop.

Since changes are only made on the mobile device, new features become available as soon as they are released without having to make any changes to the mower.

Service guides are stored on the device so they can be accessed without an Internet connection once downloaded, but an active connection is needed to order parts or schedule dealer service.

Do I Have to Use the App if I Have a Mower With a Smart Hour Meter?

No. Compatible mowers still have a standard hour meter display and a paper user manual with maintenance information, and the terms of the warranty don’t require use of the app. If you decide to use Cub Connect later on, it can be updated with current service information.

Even if you do use the app, your mobile device doesn’t have to be connected all the time. The next time device connects with the mower, it will automatically update the service information.

Is There Anything the App Doesn’t Do?

New features will be added as Cub Cadet develops the app, but right now there are a two limitations you may come across:

The parts ordering system can only be used for parts, not accessories or attachments.

The app will only let the device connect with one mower. Expect multiple mower management to be added when the Smart Meter makes its way to their commercial products.

Where Can I Get Cub Cadet Parts and Accessories?

Need parts or accessories for your Cub Cadet? Have questions about parts? www.cubparts.com is an authorized Cub Cadet dealer covering all the company’s offerings including the latest Cub Connect-compatible models.

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