Cub Cadet Blade Types

You are the proud owner of a Cub Cadet mower, but you’re not sure you’ve got the right blade attached to it. How do you know which blade is right for your lawn? Cub Cadet has you covered with a line of mower blades for all your lawn cutting needs.

Cub Cadet 3-IN-1 Blades – This is a true multipurpose mower blade. Capable of mulching, discharging and use with a bag, this is an all-purpose blade. This is best if you plan on switching between the options, as the trade off for an all-in-one blade is that while it can do all these functions, a specialized blade will be able to do that job better than the multipurpose one. 

Cub Cadet Low-Lift Blades – This blade is meant for use in light mowing conditions with short and dry grass. Low-Lift refers to the amount of air flow the blade produces, so this blade will minimize the amount of dirt that it will kick up. Low-Lift blades also require the least amount of power to use.

Cub-Cadet High-Lift Blades – The High-Lift blade creates a great amount of upward air flow which will lift the grass up towards the blade. The greater air flow also makes this the type of blade you want to use with a collection bag, as they will work more efficiently and require less power from the engine when a bag is in use.

Cub Cadet Xtreme Blades – This is a mulching blade that will make the most of your Cub Cadet mower. Its unique design has made great strides in improving the way that your mower handles grass clippings. The cutting teeth directs the air flow to keep the clippings in front of the blade’s cutting edge for a longer amount of time. This creates smaller grass clipping which mean less time spent cleaning up after mowing.

Cub Cadet 2-in-1 Blades – These are also known as standard blades, and work with a wide range of grass and lawn types. They are more efficient at discharging grass clipping from the mower with or without a bad than the 3-in-1 blade, but do not leave as fine a clipping as the 3-in-1 blade will.

Cub Cadet Mulching Blades – A mulching blade is designed to create small grass clippings that will fall in between the grass left standing. This will help feed the lawn and eliminates the need for clean up afterwards. A mulching blade can also be a good choice for wet grass as the blade design can prevent grass from clumping together. Mulching blades also take the work out of fall by turning leaves into pieces small enough to disappear in the grass. You may need to invest in a mulching kit if your mower did not come with mulching blades as they require a mulching plate to work most efficiently.

Cub Cadet Edger Blades – For use in Cub Cadet String Trimmers with the edging accessory, these blades allow you to define your lawn. Cutting easily through the sloppy grass and plant growth that creeps onto your walks and driveway edger blades will leave a clean edge at the end of your lawn.

Now that you’ve seen some of the options available for your Cub Cadet mower you can make a more educated choice about what blade will best meet your lawn’s needs. Remember to keep in mind the amount and height of the grass you will be cutting; local climate conditions that will influence how often you might need to cut wet grass; and whether you will be using a bag, letting the mower discharge the clippings, or mulching.

Beware of aftermarket blades as they may void your warranty. By using genuine Cub Cadet blades you know your parts are designed to work with your mower and do not have to worry about any damage that a failing part might do to you or your mower.

Image Source: Cub Cadet
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