Use Only Genuine Cub Cadet Parts

Cub Cadet parts are available for your lawn tractors, garden tractors, lawnmowers, snow blowers, walk-behind mowers, snow throwers, tillers and Cub Cadet utility vehicles. Over time and during the course of maintenance and upkeep, you may have to replace belts, switches, pulleys, and blades. You may even break a spindle, or an idler. The bushing or cable may wear out, especially if you are hard on your lawn equipment. When a belt develops dry rot from age or stretches past its usefulness over time, it should be replaced before it breaks. These things last only so long, even with normal wear and tear.  There are several reasons why you should replace your Cub Cadet Mower Parts with the real deal, and not generic aftermarket parts. 

Cost Savings

When you purchase Cub Cadet genuine parts, you experience cost savings for several reasons. First, you are getting a quality part. The parts are made specifically for your piece of equipment, so they fit perfectly. If you purchase an aftermarket belt, for example, it may not fit properly, which could lead to other damage on the engine.

A belt that fits too tightly may wear out the bushings in an idler pulley. A belt that is too loose may come off and damage other components on the engine, including electrical parts.

Cub Cadet also manufactures its own electrical parts for its equipment lines. The electrical parts are manufactured for each vehicle’s specifications. With Cub Cadet parts, you are sure to purchase a part that fits and works perfectly.

Reliability and Efficiency

Cub Cadet parts are more reliable than aftermarket parts, and Cub Cadet stands behind its parts. From belts to electrical parts, you will find quality to keep your Cub Cadet equipment going year after year. Cub Cadet parts are manufactured from the best materials so that they last longer than aftermarket parts. Cub Cadet has been building lawn, garden and snow moving equipment for decades, which means their products and replacement parts are quality.


Cub Cadet provides owner’s manuals, videos and tutorials for parts replacement. It explains where to find your equipment’s identification tag. The identification tag provides the model number, which is needed to obtain the correct part. Purchasing the correct parts is important to safety. If you put the wrong part onto your equipment, you and the equipment could suffer damage. If a belt is not the right size and it flies off the engine when you start it, it could easily cause an injury.

Purchasing Cub Cadet parts specifically for your equipment and installing the parts in the proper manner as outlined in the manuals and tutorials keeps you and your equipment safe.

Peace of Mind

With genuine Cub Cadet replacement parts, you know that you have the proper part for your equipment, and that part will last for its entire life if used and installed properly. You also have peace of mind knowing you ordered a part that fits properly when you order your parts using the model number on your equipment. Ordering the proper part saves you time — and if you use Cub Cadet equipment for your business — money. Every day that your equipment is down is lost revenue and lost time. You can be sure that a high-quality, correct part is shipped to you when you order.

Next time you need to purchase replacement parts for your Cub Cadet lawn, garden or snow moving equipment, purchase genuine Cub Cadet parts instead of aftermarket parts. Keep peace of mind in that you will have the proper, high-quality parts to have installed or for you to install on your equipment. Don’t take a chance on getting an ill-fitting or low-quality part when you buy aftermarket parts. Don’t take a chance on having twice the down time because the part you just purchased is defective. Stick with Genuine Cub Cadet parts.

Image Source: Cub Cadet
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