Cub Cadet Challenger 550 UTV

challenger 550How much does a UTV really cost? Most models are sold with little more than a couple seats, a bed, and an engine. If you want more out of your vehicle, you’ll end up spending well beyond the MSRP to get the features you need. With the new Challenger 550, Cub Cadet includes most of the items you’d want from the start in a flexible, capable package.

Well Equipped from the Factory

Most UTVs come with an open cabin, but the Challenger has an ROPS-mounted roof, a windshield and a pair of doors. The doors are sealed to help keep mud and water out, and they have handles on the inside and outside. Since they come stock, Cub Cadet was able to eliminate hip and shoulder restraints, making the interior more spacious. Dual side mirrors are also included for more visibility. Sit in the driver’s seat and you’ll find a tilt steering wheel, a locking glove box, and some additional open storage.

You’ll find even more equipment on the outside. This model comes with aluminum wheels, turn signals, lights and a front-mounted 3,500 lb. winch.


This model uses a new 550 cc liquid cooled OHC powerplant. It’s connected to a CVT which can drive either the rear or both axles, propelling this vehicle to a top speed of 45 mph. The rear axle can be locked for traction on extreme terrain, while dual sway bars keep the Challenger planted when taking turns. The shocks can be adjusted using a screwdriver and spanner wrench, which are included with the vehicle. The suspension provides 12 inches of ground clearance.

This UTV can tow up to 1,200 lbs, and it has two-inch receivers on both the front and rear of the vehicle, making it easy to move trailers out of tight spaces. The brakes are fully hydraulic for predictable performance.

Cargo Bed

The dump bed measures 34 x 46 x 100 inches and can carry a maximum of 500 lbs. It has molded vertical slots for 3/4 inch plywood to create partitions and T-slots for tie-downs. Accessory rack tubes can be added to attach extra equipment while keeping the bed empty. There are releases for the bed on both the driver and passenger sides so it can be emptied from either seat.


Even with all of its standard equipment, there are plenty of ways to add features to this UTV. Cub Cadet even fitted the roof with a panel designed for accessories including lightbars and cube lights, and a bus┬ábar kit is available to tap into the vehicle’s electrical system.

One thing that seems to be missing from the long list of included equipment is power steering. As it is, the manual rack is light enough that it only becomes a chore to use when the rear diff lock is engaged, but an electrically assisted rack is available.

If you need more ventilation, the standard windshield can be replaced with a vented or folding unit. If you want more protection from the outdoors, the cab can be fully enclosed by adding side and rear windows. Want more visibility? Add a rear view mirror.


The Challenger 550 is available in Cub Cadet yellow, blue, red or, for an additional charge, camo.

Getting Parts and Accessories for the Cub Cadet Challenger 550

When you need anything for your Cub Cadet UTV, visit We have parts for everything from the company from classic tractors to the latest off-roaders, and we can ship these items to any location in the U.S. and Canada.

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