Cub Cadet Pro Z Mowers 900 S and L

Pro ZDo you need to mow a large area quickly, and you want something that can leave a quality finish? Then you need a 900 Series ZTR. The largest mower in Cub Cadet’s Pro Z lineup, it combines top quality components and unique features like the Synchro-Steer system and a reinforced deck to make this one of the best performing zero turn mowers on the market.


The 900 Series is powered by a Kawasaki FX1000V that produces 35 hp. From built-in cleaning ports to an advanced head design, everything about this engine is designed to deliver the most reliable performance you can get from a lawn mower engine.

Power is sent to a pair of Parker HTG transmissions. Each transmission integrates a 16 cc pump with a 310 cc wheel motor. These commercial grade units use an aluminum case and a built-in fan to help disperse heat to ensure a long life. These motors can propel the 900 Series to a top speed of 14 mph going forward and 7 mph in reverse.

With two tanks carrying a total of 14.9 gallons of fuel, this mower can run a long time before you’ll need to stop for gas. An air suspension seat with adjustable firmness, lumbar support, and angle help you last as long as the fuel.

Want to mow even faster? Cub Cadet’s Synchro-Steer system replaces the lap bars with a steering wheel and adds steering to the front wheels. Turning the wheel and operating the pedals both steers and controls the wheel motor speeds individually, providing unparalleled steering precession. On average, it allows lawns to be mowed 10% faster, but you may see even greater cuts in mowing time in areas loaded with landscaping features and other obstacles.


Constructed or not, the deck used on these mowers can still deliver the high-quality finish you expect from a Cub Cadet. Instead of using thick metal to resist impacts, Cub Cadet starts with a 7 gauge shell and adds 7 gauge top and bottom reinforcements along with 1/4 inch and 5/16 inch leading edge reinforcements. The result is a low weight deck strengthened at the points that experience the highest stresses, whether they come from impact or the blade spindles. Anti-scalping rollers come built in, while the mowing height can be set to 16 positions ranging from 1 to 5 inches. Power is transferred to the blades via a pivoting front axle, which keeps the deck following the ground for a superior finish.


Cub Cadet makes four versions of the Pro Z 900 series, giving you a choice between deck sizes and control systems:

Pro Z 960L KW – Lap bar control and a 60-inch deck
Pro Z 972L KW – Lap bar control and a 72-inch deck
Pro Z 960S KW – Synchro-Steer control and a 60-inch deck
Pro Z 972S KW – Synchro-Steer control and a 72-inch deck


Want to mulch? The deck chamber can be sealed with the mulching kit, while the restrictor kit lets you switch between mulching and side discharge by simply moving a lever. Need to collect clippings? The deck can do that with the addition of the power assist triple bagger. It uses an impeller to help draw clippings from the deck to maintain cutting performance. There’s also a heavy-duty striper kit with wide rollers to get that sports arena finish.

The mower can also be equipped with a lighting kit and a 12-volt power outlet for charging your smartphone, as well as an electric lift for easy blade access.

The 900’s uses can extend beyond mowing. Cub Cadet offers an array of trailers built for hauling cargo, picking up leaves and broadcast seeding. These mowers can even be used in winter with the addition of a snow blade and tires chains.


Cub Cadet guarantees 900 Series motors for three years with no limit on operation hours, while Kawasaki provides the same guarantee for the FX Series engine.

Where to Get Parts for Cub Cadet Professional Equipment is a certified dealer for both Cub Cadet and Kawasaki Engines USA, letting us provide you with everything you need for your Pro Z mower. Finding the right part on our site is easy thanks to built-in factory parts diagrams and descriptions, and we can ship whatever you need to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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