Cub Cadet Challenger 700 UTV Overview

Cub Cadet Challenger 700Long known as a leading produce of home lawn care and maintenance equipment, Cub Cadet has unleashed a new line of utility vehicles under the Challenger brand that seeks to take outdoor enthusiasts for quite a ride. Each of the company’s Challenger models was designed with a custom Cub Cadet engine that aids in both speed and handling, while a long list of standard features makes each UTV feel like a premium addition to the equipment lineup. This excellent combination of power and features results in a great driving and hauling experience that is easily on par with some of the biggest names in utility and all-terrain vehicles. With the Challenger 700, the company has produced a high-end, more powerful experience for its most demanding customers.

Great Standard Features Make the Challenger 700 a No-Brainer

Safety is of utmost importance, whether it’s a Challenger 700 utility vehicle or a model from one of Cub Cadet’s many competitors. To that end, many of the standard features in the Challenger series are designed to increase safety on both regular roads and very challenging terrain. This starts with a hard, plastic roof that comes standard on both the Challenger 700 and 500 models. Though this might seem like an obvious feature, many competing UTVs lack a roof and end up exposing their passengers to both safety risks and the elements. That’s not the case with this model. To further protect and shield occupants, the Challenger 700 comes with a full windshield at the front of the vehicle. The windshield can optionally be removed at any time if its protection is not needed.

Safety is about more than protection from the elements, and the Challenger 700 meets this next challenge to occupant safety. The vehicle comes with large, 26-inch tires and alloy wheels, giving the equipment the right combination of durable hardware and a lower center of gravity. The wider tires also add stability to the vehicle, helping it maneuver through obstacles or across uneven terrain without tipping over and exposing passengers to the risk of serious injury. Inside the cabin, the company has included a full digital display panel that showcases the vehicle’s speed, engine conditions, maintenance concerns, and any other alerts that are essential to safety and equipment integrity over the long-term. Thanks to an existing nationwide network of Cub Cadet equipment and parts dealers, any concern highlighted by this digital display is easily addressed.

As should be expected of any utility vehicle, the Challenger series features plenty of ways to haul cargo, passengers, and equipment. First and foremost, a rear cargo bay is included so that smaller equipment can be easily hauled from one location to the next. This model is also useful for towing larger pieces of equipment between locations, with a rear-mounted hitch and plenty of towing capacity. Two fully padded seats allow for carrying up to two passengers, and their materials ensure greater comfort and isolation from engine vibrations, road conditions, or terrain issues.

Before Buying, Consider This Model’s Impressive Tech Specs

The Challenger series of UTVs comes with many great features, but its list of technical specifications is equally impressive. The vehicle comes with a custom Cub Cadet engine that was developed and refined specifically for this particular model. The 686cc engine comes with electronic fuel injection, giving it greater fuel efficiency. Electronic fuel injection also makes it easier to start the Challenger UTV in cold weather, which is especially important for hunters and outdoorsman who rely on utility vehicles during the late autumn months.

Along with superior engine power, the Challenger 700 is actually a very fast mode of transportation. This model can travel forward at an impressive 45 miles per hour at its fastest, making for short trips. The UTV comes with adjustable, four-wheel independent suspension that enhances its traction and stability at these high speeds, and further reinforces this model as one of the safest for new utility vehicle buyers. The equipment allows for a maximum towing capacity of 1,200 pounds, with a maximum cargo and passenger combined weight that is nearly identical to this number. At 350 pounds, the vehicle is surprisingly light when compared to its overall footprint, powerful engine, and impressive towing capabilities. Buyers can choose from Cub Cadet’s signature yellow paint color or a more neutral camouflage pattern if they prefer to blend in.

Get Started with Challenger UTVs and Cub Cadet Parts at

The Cub Cadet Challenger series of utility vehicles is an exciting addition to Cub Cadet’s extensive equipment lineup, with great standard features that enhance both safety and the operational experience of the vehicle. is a great place to get started with these utility vehicles, thanks to a wealth of product information and an excellent selection of OEM replacement parts for equipment maintenance and repairs. Customers looking to get started with this new series of UTVs should head to to begin the process.

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