Cub Cadet Pressure Washer Overview

Cub Cadet Pressure WasherCub Cadet may be famous for their mowers, but the company also makes utility vehicles, snow throwers and just about any small engine gadget one would need for lawn care, including pressure washers. Used with the correct nozzles, a pressure washer can clean almost any exterior surface from concrete to siding and even cars.

Although Cub Cadet’s pressure washer models are aimed at the residential market, that doesn’t mean they skimped on construction. These washers use industrial quality AAA Triplex pumps with PowerBoost, a patent-pending Venturi jet design that reduces pumping losses for more pressure with less engine power. The wand is connected to the pump using Simpson Monster Hoses which use an inner polyester layer reinforced with brass-coated steel braid that is protected with a clear outer coating. These hoses use a quick connect system these makes storage and maintenance a snap.

Cub Cadet’s pressure washers can be used with straight water, or detergent can be blended into the stream using the built-in siphon tube and filter. Each unit comes with 5 stainless steel-tipped nozzles for anything from gentle soaping to blasting.

Cub Cadet has three models in their lineup, each with a unique engine and set of features. All three motors meets EPA and CARB emissions requirements, so these washers can be purchased in all 50 states. Cub Cadet covers these products with a three year limited residential warranty.


This pressure washer is powered by Cub Cadet’s own overhead valve 208cc engine, a design proven in the company’s snow throwers, tillers and wood splitters. With this motor, the pump can push up to 2.4 gallons of water per minute through the nozzle at pressures reaching 3,200 PSI. The nozzle is connected to the pump via a 5/16 inch x 25 foot hose. The pump and engine are mounted on a 13″ horizontal cart sitting on a pair of 10″ 4 ply pneumatic tires mounted to steel hubs, making it easy to roll wherever it needs to be used.


This model has all the features of the CC3224, but it replaces the Cub Cadet engine with a 5.5 hp Honda GX200. This motor features a multi-chamber exhaust system, forged crankshaft, rigid crankcase, helical cut gears and an advanced air intake all help keep noise under control. Starting is easy thanks to an automated decompression system that keeps the exhaust valve open until the motor is running.

The motor increases pump output to 3,400 PSI and 2.5 GPM. Pressure can be adjusted using the Simpson Dial ‘n Wash pressure regulator, and a side assist handle makes the nozzle easier to control.


The most powerful pressure washer in Cub Cadet’s lineup is powered by an 8.5 hp Honda GX270, bringing pressure up to 4,000 PSI, enough to move 3.3 GPM. It has the same automatic decompression system as the GX200, and a unique intake and exhaust design cuts noise by 5 db. To accommodate the engine, the cart is 1.5 inches longer and is mounted to 13 inch tires.

The extra power also allows this washer to overcome more fluid friction, so Cub Cadet has chosen to include a 50 foot hose. Like the CC3425, it comes with a side-assist handle and Dial ‘n Wash pressure regulator.

Where to Buy Cub Cadet Pressure Washer Parts

Thinking of buying a Cub Cadet pressure washer, but not sure about keeping it maintained? is factory authorized Cub Cadet Dealer for equipment, parts and service. They cover everything Cub Cadet, including both the OEM engine used in the CC3224 and the Honda engines used in the CC3425 and CC4033. No matter what you may need to keep your Cub Cadet equipment running, Cub Parts has it.

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