Cub Cadet Chipper Shredders

With their distinctive bright yellow finish, it’s easy to spot a Cub Cadet chipper shredder, and with two models available to meet the needs of gardeners and landscapers alike, Cub Cadet chipper shredders are a great choice.

The Cub Cadet CSV 050 is a combination chipper, shredder and vacuum and is the perfect unit to keep yards clean and tidy while producing mulch. A hardened steel chipper blade makes short work of branches up to 1.5” diameter, while 6 cast steel flails shred leaves and smaller debris into fine mulch. To complement the ground vacuum system fitted to the front of the unit, a 7’ vacuum hose makes clearing even hard to reach areas of the yard a breeze; quickly clean up and shred unsightly leaves from lawns and flower beds. 

Powered by a 173cc Cub Cadet engine, the CSV 050 weighs only 95 lbs and is easily pushed around with 12” rear and 8” front semi-pneumatic tires running on ball-bearings to cut down resistance. A felt-lined 2 bushel collection bag is easily emptied, making the CSV 050 experience one of user friendliness, convenience and efficiency.


For heavier jobs, the Cub Cadet CS 2210 chipper shredder can handle branches and twigs up to 2” diameter thanks to a robust impeller driven with a force multiplying 10:1 reduction ratio by a larger 208cc Cub Cadet engine. Wood chips are produced by cutting branches and twigs with 2 hardened chromium steel blades, while shredding is accomplished with a 12” hardened steel blade and 12 steel flails.

Not only does the impeller help the unit cut larger objects, it also cuts faster and can produce finer wood chips and mulch. To cope with the increased speed of mulch or wood-chip production, the CS 2210 features a large 5 bushel collection bag.

Debris and branches can be fed into the CS 2210 in two ways; both directly into the large steel hopper, or into the dedicated chute, making it easier to deal with awkward branches and increasing efficiency.

Not surprisingly – given its increased abilities – the CS 2210 is considerably heavier than the CSV 050, weighing in at 200 lbs, so to make it easier to transport, it features a tow hitch and 10” fully pneumatic tires.

The 173cc four cycle engine fitted to the CSV 050, and the 208cc engine on the CS2210 are both clean burning, reliable and fuel-efficient and due to their overhead valve design these Cub Cadet engines are capable of matching the performance of larger but less efficient side-valve engines while using less gasoline and producing fewer emissions.

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Image Source: Cub Cadet
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