Cub Cadet Core Tools Overview

core-partsIn the past, when looking at small lawn equipment, buyers had to choose between the low maintenance convenience of battery-powered devices and the power and flexibility of gas-powered products. With Cub Cadet’s new CORE motor, you don’t have to compromise: it’s as clean and simple as any other electric lawn tool, but it delivers the power of a small two stroke and can run long enough between charges that range should never be an issue.

What is CORE?

CORE stands for “Conductor-Optimized Rotary Energy.” Instead of the wound coils found in a traditional brushless motor, the CORE motor uses magnetic rotors surrounded by a wide plated circuit board. The motor is driven by an advanced controller that automatically adjusts output based on demand to reduce power consumption. That means less weight, more power and longer running time per battery charge. How good is it?

  • Manufacturers may promote their equipment’s voltage as an indicator of power, but the efficiency of CORE means the 20-volt version produces as much torque as Cub Cadet’s 25cc two-stroke.
  • A single charge from the 120 watt-hour battery can run the motor for 45 minutes while recharging takes just an hour. An LED indicator built into CORE-powered products makes it easy to check the battery charge during use.
  • Cub Cadet covers CORE-powered products with a 5-year warranty, and the motor itself comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

In other words, a CORE-powered lawn tool can replace a small gas-powered tool without any loss in usability, while also eliminating most of the maintenance. Recharging the battery costs pennies, and there’s no fuel or oil to mess with. That means less time doing yard work and less cost over the life of the device.

Which Products Use the CORE Electric Motor?

Cub Cadet uses the motor in two string trimmers: the CCE400 and the CCT400. The CCT uses a 20-volt motor, while the CCE has a more powerful 40-volt motor. Both trimmers use 0.095″ line, have a straight boom and cut a 16-inch swath.

The CCU410 is a drive unit that uses Cub Cadet’s Power-Lok attachment system for accessories. Currently, there are three attachments that work with this unit:

CCT410 Power-Lok Trimmer Attachment – This straight boom uses a bump head that holds 0.095″ twisted cutting line and can cut a 14-inch cutting swath.

CCB410 Power-Lok Blower Attachment – This blower produces up to 400 CFM at 110 mph.

CCH410 Power-Lok Hedger Attachment – This attachment’s 22-inch blade is dual action, moving at up to 3,200 strokes per minute.

Where Can I Get Parts and Accessories for Cub Cadet CORE Equipment?

When you need parts and accessories for CORE products or anything else Cub Cadet, visit We aren’t just a parts warehouse, we’re a certified Cub Cadet dealer with factory-trained parts staff, so we can help you find exactly what you need for your lawn equipment. Ordering is easy with online factory parts diagrams to help you identify the part you need, and we can ship to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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