Features, Specs, and Options for the Cub Cadet CS59L Chainsaw

Features, Specs and Options for the Cub Cadet CS59L ChainsawCub Cadet is one of the top names in the power equipment industry and it is known for making quality equipment for both residential and commercial purposes. One unique feature of Cub Cadet equipment is the smaller size, but by utilizing lithium-ion technology, the tools are able to compete with larger, gas-powered equipment. The Cub Cadet CS59L Chainsaw is one of these that offers a full complement of power and cordless operation.

Features of the CS59L

The most unique feature of the CS59L is the lithium-ion battery pack, which makes it more compact and quieter than a traditional gas-powered engine. The battery-powered engine is also helpful for periods of extended use as it does not vibrate as much as a heavier gas chainsaw would, which leads to fatigue. The CS59L features an ergonomic handle coated with soft rubber, which further protects against vibration and facilitates comfortable use. A safety lock is another important feature of this chainsaw, as it protects both the operator and anyone coming across the chainsaw as it sits idle.

The battery on the CS59L is removable, and charges in just 4 hours, which allows operators to stock multiple batteries and switch them out if one runs out of charge and more operation time is needed. This means a significant time saving for the user since a dead battery can quickly be replaced.  No need to make a trip to the gas station.

Specifications of the CS59L Cordless Chainsaw

With features like a 10-inch cutting bar, which is the ideal size for chainsaws in this size category, and an automatic oiler that decreases the need to oil the chainsaw before engaging, it’s a workhorse. The automatic oiler makes the chainsaw easier to maintain and increases its overall longevity. These type of convenient features are sure to appeal to first-time chainsaw operators who do not have experience in maintaining this type of equipment, as well as seasoned users.

CS59L Options Include Batteries and Chargers

Some options for the CS59L include extra 20 volt batteries and a battery charger. These do not come with the chainsaw, but must be purchased separately. Fortunately, authorized Cub Cadet dealers typically have all these options and more to keep the chainsaw in top shape and usability. Parts for the CS59L can easily be purchased at www.cubparts.com.

Serving customers across the US and Canada, Cubparts.com stocks all the parts you need to keep your chainsaw and other equipment from Cub Cadet in top shape. With the convenient online parts lookup tool, finding replacement OEM parts is quick and easy.

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