Cub Cadet CS 511 Chainsaw Overview

Cub Cadet CS 511Homeowners have likely made a list of all the power equipment items they need in order to properly maintain their outdoor spaces: Trimmers, blowers, lawn tractors, and even a sizable chainsaw with plenty of power to get the job done. Luckily, Cub Cadet offers all of these various equipment options and even has a power chainsaw in the CS 511 model. This chainsaw is one of the company’s most traditional models, with a large engine, a moderately sized cutting blade, and gas-powered operation that will make for quick work of even medium-sized limbs or other debris. The chainsaw was specifically designed for residential use, and comes with the right combination of durable materials, easily replaceable parts, and powerful operation in every season. When opting for a Cub Cadet chainsaw, there are a few excellent reasons to consider the CS 511.

A Look at the Cub Cadet CS 511 Chainsaw Model Features

Cub Cadet’s CS 511 chainsaw was specifically designed for residential users, and therefore comes with a large number of usability and comfort enhancements that can make it easier to trim trees or get rid of storm debris throughout the year. Every CS 511 comes with a uniquely designed operator handle, which also functions as a foothold. This handle is lined with rubber and other insulating materials, all of which help to reduce how much engine movement and noise transmits back toward the operator. The result of this careful attention to detail is a chainsaw that simply is easier and more comfortable to use, especially when it’s charged with performing extended cutting work that could otherwise risk stress injuries.

Like most chainsaws in this category, the CS 511 model comes with a two-cycle engine that requires a very specific fuel-to-oil ratio and mixture. Cub Cadet sells its own oil for these chainsaws, though customers are also free to use a standard lubricant that they might find at a local repair shop or authorized dealer. The fuel and oil mixture can be enhanced with Cub Cadet’s own brand of STA-BIL fuel stabilizer, which is an especially good option for homeowners that might go weeks or many months between times when the chainsaw is used.

A powerful engine allows this chainsaw to cut through moderately thick limbs and trees, which makes it good for conventional trimming work around the home each spring and fall. The chainsaw’s 51cc engine also makes it a powerful tool for cleaning up snapped limbs during thunderstorms or severe ice storms that might occur throughout the winter.

The Specs: A Commitment to Excellent Chainsaw Performance

Every CS 511 chainsaw comes with a 51cc PRO engine with two-cycle operation. Fuel and oil must be mixed according to the ratio and instructions in the chainsaw’s operator manual as a result. The chainsaw features an 18-inch blade that is decidedly medium-sized among residential chainsaws, but this blade is still large enough to handle most tree limbs or downed branches. The chainsaw comes rated at 125 hours of continuous use, which is considered roughly the average for residential models.

An included case keeps the chain safe from harm during storage, and makes the chainsaw more resistant to damage or corrosion during extended periods in the tool shed. For added durability and adjustment, the chainsaw features a manual tensioner that uses several screws instead of a hand control or a more automated system.

Don’t Forget About Helpful Cub Cadet CS 511 Chainsaw Accessories

Keeping a chainsaw in good shape is pretty easy for most people, but it does require the right fluids and accessories when getting the job done. Cub Cadet knows this pretty well, with decades of experience in chainsaw production and maintenance. The company’s accessories for its CS 511 model include fuel stabilizer that’s a great addition during chainsaw storage, and fuel test swabs that can help identify stale fuel or highlight poor fuel quality if the engine simply isn’t starting as expected. In addition to accessories made specifically for this model, the company also offers chainsaw owners a wide array of lubricants, official cleaning supplies and covers, and other add-ons that make it easy to keep this equipment in excellent condition for many years to come.

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The only thing more essential for most homeowners than a chainsaw is the selection of OEM replacement parts that make regular maintenance and repairs easy to perform. makes it easy to find the right parts to get the job done, with an online parts lookup tool that can filter available replacements by the chainsaw’s engine, model number, or the part number that requires replacement.

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