Cub Cadet CS 552 Chainsaw Overview

Cub Cadet CS552A chainsaw is perhaps the single most important piece of outdoor power equipment aside from the lawn mower and snow blower. It’s bound to get just as much use as those two pieces of equipment, since trimming trees and breaking down lawn debris represent two of the easiest ways to maximize a home’s value and protect it from significant damage over time. Cub Cadet’s residential chainsaw models come in several varieties, one of which is the company’s CS 552 model. This chainsaw is designed to be a powerful companion for today’s homeowners, with mower power and easier cutting than virtually any of Cub Cadet’s other residential options. Consider all of the benefits of this upgraded model before opting for its compelling features.

Features to Keep in Mind When Considering the CS 552

The Cub Cadet CS 552 chainsaw is decidedly an upgrade for most homeowners, and it’s certainly more powerful than the CS 511 that offers just a bit less power and performance. Despite differences in overall power and size, the CS 552 features many of the same refinements offered by other models. That starts with easy manual adjustment controls, which allow homeowners to tailor the chainsaw to their specific needs before they start cutting through limbs and branches. The chainsaw also features a strong foothold handle, making the equipment easier to use in almost all situations.

The operator handle, more specifically, has been a big area of focus for Cub Cadet. In order to produce the most comfortable and ergonomic chainsaw on the market, the company focused its engineering prowess on a handle that could absorb, rather than transmit, vibration between the engine and the operator. The result is a soft-touch handle that’s comfortable to hold even while the chainsaw is turned on for extended periods of time

For easier maintenance and fueling, the CS 552 features a two-cycle engine that operates properly when fuel and oil are mixed to a precise ratio. This mixing procedure is described in more detail in the Cub Cadet operator manual. A proper ratio will keep the engine in great shape and allow the chainsaw to run uninterrupted for many hours at a time.

Impressive Equipment Specs: The CS 552 is an Upgraded Chainsaw

A good chainsaw must have a great engine, and Cub Cadet buyers will find exactly that with the CS 552 model. The equipment features a 55c PRO engine with 2-cycle architecture. This engine is slightly more powerful than the engine found in the company‚Äôs CS 511 entry-level chainsaw, and therefore allows the chainsaw to cut more efficiently through thicker limbs or larger downed branches after a storm. The chainsaw’s hour rating stays at 152, which is the same for the CS 511, though this model comes with an upgraded, 20-inch blade that can make quicker work of cutting and extend deeper into even thicker limbs.

Like all gas-powered chainsaws, the CS 552 comes with a starter grip system that sparks the engine into action. An inertia-based chain brake adds safety and control to most cutting tasks, while adjustment screwed provide for manual adjustment of the tensioner. Both of these features, when used properly, can help the chainsaw offer a superior cutting experience that is actually safer than competing models from other manufacturers.

Accessories: A Look at What Cub Cadet Offers for its High-End Chainsaw

Cub Cadet knows that the key to a long-lasting chainsaw is proper maintenance and fuel mixing, and that’s why the company offers STA-BIL fuel stabilizer as one of its hottest CS 552 accessories. For operators who want to occasionally test their fuel to ensure it’s properly mixed and of the highest quality, the company also offers fuel quality test swabs that are exceedingly easy to use. All CS 552 chainsaws come with their own protective case, keeping the equipment free from moisture, corrosion, or other accidental damage even if it spends a significant amount of time in storage rather than in active use. Cub Cadet also offers lubricants and cleaning supplies for all of its chainsaws and other equipment types. is the Best Place to Find Chainsaws and OEM Parts

Chainsaw ownership is a great way to make easy work of trimming or renovation around the home, but these heavy-duty pieces of equipment require regular maintenance throughout the year so that they continue to operate at peak efficiency and with the full amount of power for which their engines are rated. That means regular maintenance, including the replacement of various chainsaw parts over time. has an online parts lookup tool that makes it easy to filter Cub Cadet parts by the part number needed, the chainsaw model being used, or the engine type found behind the blade. The site also features a full lineup of new chainsaws for those homeowners who need to add this key piece of equipment to their collection.

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