Cub Cadet CSV 050 Chipper/Shredder Yard Vacuum Operation Guide

Cub Cadet VacuumThe Cub Cadet CSV 050: it’s a chipper, a shredder and a vacuum all in one. Here’s how you can use all those features while keeping yourself safe.

Using this Device Safety

Never put hands or feet near the feeding chambers or discharge opening.

Make sure the chipper chute, intake and cutting chamber are empty before starting the engine.

Remove foreign objects like metal and glass from debris before feeding them into the shredder.

If the impeller strikes a foreign object or the machine starts making odd noises or vibrations, shut the engine off immediately. Inspect the device and repair any damage before using it again.

Using this device without the bag properly attached can allow exiting debris to be ejected with enough force to cause serious injury.

When feeding branches into the chipper chute, keep your face and body to the side to avoid injury from kickback.

Never operate this chipper/shredder over gravel or paved surfaces.

Starting & Stopping the Engine

Refer to the Engine Operator’s Manual packaged with your equipment: due to constant running changes and improvements, there isn’t a single method that applies to all engines that may be used in this model.

Emptying the Bag

1. Unhook the bag straps near the bottom of the lower handle.
2. Unsnap the bag clip from the top of the lower handle.
3. Grab the handle on the bottom of the bag with one hand and pull the lock rod, located on the mounting bracket next to the bag opening, toward the engine. Separate the bag from the intake.
5. Position the bag so that the opening is over the area you want to dump the contents. While holding the bag handle, twist the two buttons on the back of the bag to open the flap.
6. To close the bag, fold the outer flap over the inner flap and slide the buttons through the metal outlets on the flap. Twist the buttons to lock the flap closed.

Using the Nozzle Vacuum

1. Flip the lever on top of the nozzle to the top position.
2. Move the pin on the lever to the top position.

If the height of the nozzle needs to be changed, move the adjustment lever located above the front right wheel.

Using the Hose Assembly

1. Flip the lever on top of the nozzle to the bottom position.
2. Move the pin on the lever to the bottom position.

Using the Chipper

The chipper chute, located to the right of the motor, can handle branches up to 1 1/2″ inches in diameter. To use, hold the branch with both hands and gently push it into the chute.

Where to buy Cub Cadet Chipper/Shredder Yard Vacuum Parts

Whether you need a new bag or a whole new engine, has what you need. Ordering is simple thanks to an advanced search engine and online parts diagrams, and items can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

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