How to Maintain a CSV 050 Chipper/Shredder Yard Vacuum

Cub Cadet VacuumThe CSV 050 looks like a mower, cuts like a chipper/shredder, and vacuums like a truck loader. How do you keep a device with so many functions up and running? This guide will help you with everything from storage to blade replacement.

Safety Disclaimer

Before performing any maintenance or repairs, stop the engine and make sure all moving parts have come to a complete stop. Disconnect the spark plug and ground it against a metal surface to prevent accidental start-up.

If the fuel tank needs to be drained, do this outdoors to prevent the buildup of fumes.

Do not modify the engine: the governor is set to provide safe operation, and disabling it could cause damage to the unit and serious injuries.

According to the EPA and the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC,) the CSV 050 has an average lifespan of 7 years or 60 hours of operation. While it can be used for far longer, this equipment should be checked over by a professional mechanic after this use period to make sure everything is still in working order.


Both rear wheel shoulder screws, front pivot arm axles, pivot points on the nozzle height adjustment levers and the nozzle/hosevac lever should be lubricated each season with a light oil. The locking rod should be oiled as needed to make it easy to attach and remove the bag.


The CSV 050 should be cleaned after each use. High pressure spray should be avoided, as the water can make its way into the engine, contaminating the fuel and oil.

Wash the bag periodically with plain water, letting it dry in the shade.

Engine Maintenance

Refer to the engine manual for tips on keeping your CSV 050’s engine in good running order: Cub Cadet constantly improves their engines, so there aren’t any service recommendations that can be made for all models.

Flail Screen

The flail screen is located on the bottom of the unit, between the right wheels. This screen should be cleaned whenever it becomes clogged.

1. Remove the vacuum bag.
2. Remove the self-tapping screw located on the right side of the chipper deck.
3. Unscrew the hex screw on top of the deck next to the bag mounting bracket and the locking nut on the underside.
4. Slide the screen out of the bottom of the deck. Scrape out any debris or flush them out with water.
5. Reinstall the screen following the previous steps in reverse.

Accessing the Blades for Sharpening and Replacement

The unit will need to be tipped to access the bottom of the deck. Always tip the unit so that the spark plug is facing upward to prevent oil and fuel from seeping into the combustion chamber.

1. Empty the oil and fuel tank.
2. Remove the bag assembly or blower chute if attached.
3. Remove the three hex screws holding the chipper chute to the upper housing.
4. Remove the front right wheel. This should include a lock nut on the outside and a wave washer on the inside of the wheel.
5. Disassemble the pivot arm assembly. The parts removed will include a shoulder screw, thrust washer, bell washer, lever, pivot arm assembly and a lock nut in that order.
6. Remove the four screws on the upper part of the housing that secure the nozzle cover. Three of these are across the front, while the fourth is next to the left front wheel.
7. Tilt the unit back to access the underside. Remove the three bolts holding the black plastic flail housing. Tilt the housing toward the engine, and it should slide off.
8. The top of the chipper blade should now be visible through the opening on top of the unit where the chute was, while the bottom can be seen from the underside on the impeller. Using a 3/16 inch hex (Allen) wrench and a 1/2 inch socket wrench, remove the screws that hold the chipper blade to the impeller.
9. Sharpen or replace the chipper blade, then reassemble the chipper/shredder following the previous instructions in reverse.

Storage in the Off Season

Light oil or silicon should be used to coat non-painted surfaces including cables and springs to prevent rust and seizing. Check the engine manual for tips on lubrication and fuel treatment for long term storage.

Clean the unit before storing, and make sure it’s kept in a clean, dry area. Never store this unit in an area where an open spark or flame may be present, such as a pilot light or bench grinder.

Where to get Parts for Your Chipper/Shredder Vacuum

Whether you need a new blade, a spark plug or a whole impeller, can provide you with what you need. In fact, with thousands of parts in stock, they can usually ship your parts shortly after ordering, and they can be delivered to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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