Cub Cadet Debuts their RZT S Zero Electric Zero turn Riding Mower

Cub Cadet RZT Riding MowerConsumers have long enjoyed the benefits of hybrid and electric vehicles, and now those benefits are being taken off the highway and put square into the landscaping industry. Cub Cadet, long a leading innovator in power equipment and landscaping products, designed its RZT S Zero electric lawn mower to mimic electric vehicles on the road, with virtually no noise, no emissions, and none of the unpleasant side effects of traditional mowing equipment.

To that end, the RTS Zero stands out as one of the most comfortable and versatile riding mowers currently on the market, and it pairs this comfort with zero turn operation for precise mowing in lawns of all sizes. With steering wheel operation and four-wheel drive, the mower is able to more easily maneuver through lawns and navigate around obstacles, effortlessly using its all-electric engine to offer fast blade operation and consistent cutting. Cub Cadet proudly touts five key benefits and advancements that place this zero turn mower far ahead of industry competitors for the upcoming summer season.

1. Noise Reduction

The RTZ S Zero produces virtually no noise while it mows the lawn, due in no small part to its all-electric operation. With fewer moving parts and the absence of a traditional gasoline-powered engine, the mower can be used at any time of day without waking up the entire neighborhood and arousing the ire of those who choose to sleep in on summer weekends. The mower’s push-button start enhances this quiet operation, reducing the pull-to-start noises and frustration that accompany virtually every other zero turn model on the market.

2. Precision

The electric mower does not sacrifice convenience as it attempts to offer zero-noise, zero-emissions mowing to the masses. The advanced mowing deck features multiple overlapping blades to ensure that every square inch of the lawn is uniformly trimmed and kept professional in appearance. With a design meant to increase and optimize airflow throughout mowing, the RTZ S Zero offers a noticeable improvement over other models.

3. Operator Comfort

The reduced noise improves operator comfort quite significantly, but that’s not the only RZT S Zero is changing the game. This zero turn mower also comes with cruise control for quick, worry-free and convenient mowing. A high-back seat is fully adjustable to meet any operator height requirement, and the RZT S Zero comes with an excellent SmartJet deck washing system that improves the experience of ownership over other zero turn models from the competition.

4. Plenty of Power

One of the biggest concerns that plagues electric vehicles and electric mowers is their range, or the amount of time that they can be used in continuous operation before the included battery needs to be recharged. In this area, the RTZ S Zero is well ahead of virtually all electric competitors. Operators can enjoy 60 minutes of mowing time before the mower begins to experience “power fade” and requires a recharge. Until that point, the mower will be consistently powered and able to handle anything the operator throws its way. Recharging can be done in the span of a typical overnight, and the mower will be ready to go right away the next morning.

5. Stability During Operation

Zero turn mowers often come with restrictive rules about the maximum grade on which they can be used, but the RZT S Zero is actually a great deal more versatile than both competing gas models and other electric zero turn mowers. It is the only one of these models to offer a four-wheel drive system, and it is currently the only one with full steering wheel operation. That allows the RZT S Zero to handle step grades and challenging lawn terrains with relative ease and less restrictive regulations than its competitors.

5. The Only Zero Turn Mower of its Kind Currently On the Market

Cub Cadet proudly released the RZT S Zero as a one-of-a-kind zero turn mower, largely because none of the company’s competitors have released anything like it for the upcoming summer season. That means that the RZT S Zero is currently the only viable, all-electric zero turn model available to homeowners. There is simply no other mower that can offer zero-emissions operation while producing no noise and offering full control over the driving experience, even in rough terrain. Cub Cadet likes to point out that the number of mowers able to compete with the RTZ S Zero is, in fact, zero. is a Great Resource for the RTZ S Zero and Other Cub Cadet Products

From OEM replacement parts to the most innovative Cub Cadet mowers currently on the market, count on to have everything needed to produce the perfect lawn this summer. Supportive staff and an intuitive website will further help Cub Cadet buyers and owners get the most from their investment this season and every summer afterward.


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