The Tank – Cub Cadet’s Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

Cub Cadet M72Cub Cadet manufactures a wide variety of zero-turn riding mowers to fit a wide variety of applications. Commercial users may select from different mowers from four models lines: the Z-Force S Commercial, the TANK LZ, the TANK SZ, and the TANK Series. Most commercial users will select from one of the TANK lines, as the Z-Force S Commercial has significantly reduced capabilities relative to any of the TANK lines.

TANK Series Overview

At present, the TANK Series includes only one mower: the TANK M72-KW. The M72-KW is the premiere riding mower available from Cub Cadet; of all models manufactured by the company, the M72-KW is the largest, the most powerful, and the most expensive. For users who require the ultimate in functionality or maximum levels of productivity, the M72-KW is the ideal choice.

TANK Series Features

The appropriately named TANK series offers high levels of durability that begin with the machine’s frame. The TANK Series includes a two-inch tube steel frame that is fully welded, ensuring that the machine can handle the repeated stresses of difficult terrain. The M72-KW also uses a wide-track pivoting front axle.

The M72-KW also uses two features to improve the quality and uniformity of the cut. First, the TANK Series uses anti-scalp wheels fore and aft to avoid excess damage to the terrain while operating the heavy machine. Additionally, the TANK Series is also equipped with Cub Cadet’s Select Cut System, which uses a pointed and sloped nose skirt with an adjustable edge to improve suction and minimize the effect of terrain on the quality of the cut.

The TANK Series also features an array of ergonomic features. First, the TANK Series uses lap bars that are adjustable for three positions with damping control and a convenient return-to-center function. Operators sit on an adjustable full suspension seat with adjustable arm rests and a tilt function, allowing it to be customized to the individual operator’s figure and preference. Standard cup holders, an hour meter, and a rollover protection system provide information and safety to the operator during use.

The TANK Series is available with an array of attachments that improve its flexibility. An available light kit improves visibility in low light conditions; such a feature allows operators to mow safely earlier in the morning and later at night, improving the machine’s productivity. As typical for a riding mower, a mulching kit is available; unlike other mulching kits, the Cub Cadet TANK Series uses individual baffles around the blades.

The M72-KW is also useful in the snow. An optional stout 72-inch steel blade with skids is available for snow plowing and light dozing duties. An electric lift cylinder allows users to raise either the snow blade or the deck itself electronically. The TANK Series is also available with an optional spreader with multiple mounting options, allowing users to spread fertilizer, seed or salt.

TANK Series Specifications

The machine is equipped with the most powerful motor of any Cub Cadet riding mower: an air-cooled 999cc gas-powered Kawasaki V-Twin OHV producing 35 horsepower. The engine is fed from two seven gallon tanks, allowing operators to use the machine for extended periods without having to repeatedly refuel. The mower uses Hydro-Gear PK-12 pumps and PARKER wheel motors for movement and can reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour while traveling forward and up to five miles per hour traveling in reverse.

The M72-KW has the largest deck of any Cub Cadet riding mower at 72 inches. It uses a three-blade system housed in a nine-gauge steel housing with seven and 10 gauge reinforcements. The deck is adjustable in increments of ¼ inch between one and five inches; it is generally spring assisted unless the user opts for the electric lift cylinder.

The TANK Series has large dimensions to match its capabilities. The TANK Series weighs in at 1,380 pounds and measures 81 inches long by 83 inches wide. The front tires are 13×6.5-6 inches while the rear tires measure 24×12-12 inches; buyers can choose the standard tread patterns or select the optional high-traction tires.

All of this adds up to create the most productive commercial series of mowers from Cub Cadet; the M72-KW is capable of handling up to 20 acres daily.

Where to Find Parts

The M72-KW is backed by a three-year unlimited hour warranty. When it expires, owners may choose to perform their own maintenance. Whether owners need new oil, a new filter, or need to perform major servicing on their engine, they should choose a retailer with a wide selection and parts diagrams to help identify the right parts. has a wide selection of parts for Cub Cadet mowers including OEM parts for the M72-KW’s Kawasaki engine. also has an array of diagrams to help users match their need to a specific part number, ensuring that owners order the correct part the first time.

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