Cub Cadet Garden Tiller Overview

Cub Cadet Garden TillerAfter winter has compressed soil and wreaked havoc on the early growing season, few pieces of equipment are more essential than a great tiller. Cub Cadet has what most residential gardeners and landscapers need, with a lineup of at least seven models that blend powerful tine operation with the appropriate size, engine power, and usability enhancements. Each tiller will find a home among different types of home landscapers and gardeners, based largely on its size, unique features, and overall power level. Before opting for any of the company’s latest models, consider their key similarities and differences in order to make an informed, useful decision that will last many seasons into the future.

A Wide Range of Options for Home Landscapers and Others

Cub Cadet is committed to making sure that each buyer’s unique needs is met by one of their tillers, which explains why the company has unleashed seven different tiller brands for residential use. Virtually all of these tillers, despite differences in features and construction, use a Cub Cadet OHV engine capable of 208cc of displacement. That’s a significant amount of power, and it’s sure to help with even the hardest, most compacted soil around the home. Only the three highest-end tillers differentiate from this engine, as noted below, and that’s largely due to their size and construction. All tillers sold by Cub Cadet can till to a depth of at least 7 inches, though many extend downward up to 7.5 inches. Each tiller’s unique features can be found in the list below.

FT 24 R

The FT 24 R tiller is marketed as the company’s entry-level model for homeowners who maintain a smaller garden or flowerbed area around the home. For this reason, the compact tiller comes with a width of just 13 inches, though it can be adjusted to as wide as 23 or 24 inches in some cases. Tilling depth with this mode is 7 inches, enabled by 12-inch steel tines. For maximum versatility, the tiller’s side shield is fully removable.

RT 35

The RT 35 comes with the same 12-inch steel tines, but widens the tiller’s initial width to 16 inches. This width is fixed and cannot be expanded after purchase. Like the model mentioned earlier, the RT 35 tiller from Cub Cadet can till up to 7 inches of soil at any given time, though this depth can be raised as needed. Instead of the 8-inch wheels found on the lower-end model, this tiller comes with 11-inch pneumatic wheel for easier operation and a bit more durability in challenging areas around the home. Counter rotating movement, rather than the forward rotation of the RT 24, further enhance this model’s versatility.

RT 45

The RT 45 is largely similar to its RT 35 counterpart, but comes with a few upgrades that make it useful in moderately sized areas around the home. The first of these upgrades is an 18-inch width. This width sets the standard for all higher-end models beyond the RT 45 as well. The tiller also comes with 13-inch pneumatic wheels, adding to its durability. While the RT 35 could not be used in reverse and could not remove its side shield, the RT 45 allows for one forward and one reverse speed while offering an adjustable side shield to operators. Like the RT 35, this model features a cast-iron drive system.

RT 65

The RT 65 swaps out the cast-iron drive system for chain-and-belt system that offers fewer maintenance concerns and a bit more power for the operator. Wheels are upgraded to 16-inch pneumatics with an ag tread, which is necessary when considering this model is the first to feature a slightly deeper, 7.5-inch tilling depth. An adjustable side shield enhances its versatility in a wide array of situations.

RT 65 H

The RT 65 H is virtually identical to the RT 65, but it features a significant change in engine technology. Rather than using the standard Cub Cadet OHV engine, this model opts for a 187cc Honda GC engine with OHV architecture. This upgrade offers increased efficiency and power for discerning homeowners looking to get the most out of their time behind the handlebars. Like the RT 65 and the upgraded RT 65 E, this is a dual direction tiller.

RT 65 E

The main reason to opt for the RT 65 E over the two preceding models in the same family is, once again, its upgraded engine. Though this model switches back to the Cub Cadet OHV engine, it pairs that engine with the ability to use an electric starter mechanism. As a result, this tiller is much easier to start and will be a welcome upgrade for most power users with not a minute to spare.

RT 75

Though it exists at the high-end of the spectrum, the RT 75 tiller is actually slightly more compact than those in the RT 65 series. Its upgrades include a Briggs and Stratton OHV engine capable of 250cc of displacement. Wheels are downsized to 14-inch pneumatics, while the tines are shortened once again to 7 inches. This model is a perfect blend of power and compact size, and might just be at the to of the list for the broadest segment of homeowners.

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Each of Cub Cadet’s popular tiller models will find a home with a different kind of home landscaper or gardener. To learn more about these models, or to find the perfect new tiller or OEM replacement parts, be sure to visit

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