Cub Cadet GT 1054 vs. GTX 1054 Garden Tractors

Cub Cadet 1054Though Cub Cadet is known for its commitment to simple riding mower models and labels, the company is also well known for creating multiple versions of its mowers that can meet slightly different buyer demands. That’s definitely the case with the company’s GT 1054 and GTX 1054 riding mowers. Both models feature many of the same amenities, including the same mower deck size, engine, and other factors. They differ in other key areas as well, including the drive system.091028-01BRUEach mower is designed to meet the needs of a slightly different demographic, though both mowers are a great choice for larger lawns, semiprofessional landscapers, and others who require the ultimate commitment of size, performance, and overall efficiency.

Similarities: Where the GT and GTX Models Fall in Line with Each Other

Though the GT and GTX have different prefixes, both 1054 models are actually quite similar in terms of their size, weight, construction, engine, and other features. Both riding mowers come with a Kohler V-Twin OHV engine that can produce as much as 27 horsepower during everyday use. The Kohler engine is among the top engines available to riding mower buyers, and it’s a great choice for those with steeper or uneven terrains, as well as homeowners with very large lawns and open areas that need to be manicured.

The Kohler engine is paired with a heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission designed to make shifting automatic and less jittery. The transmission also helps to reduce overall vibration and discomfort while boosting the turning radius and turning the GT and GTX models into powerful machines. A 3.3-gallon fuel tank powers this combination of engine and transmission features, which can send the mower forward at a speed of up to 5.2 miles per hour. When put in reverse, the mower travels a respectable 2.3 miles per hour for a superior experience in all directions.

The Mower Deck for Demanding Customers: 54 Inches of Quick Mowing

The GT 1054 and GTX 1054 riding mowers both come with a 54-inch mower deck that contains heavy-duty triple blades. This triple-blade setup allows the mower to produce more consistent and professional-looking results, making the lawn stand out in a real way after mowing is complete. The larger overall size of the mowing deck makes this particular riding model a perfect fit for those with large acreages to mow on a regular basis, but its narrow turning radius will still work well with trees, flowerbeds, and other obstacles throughout the lawn.

For homeowners that like a bit more control over the length of their grass during mowing, both the GT and GTX 1054 models have the adjustability required. The equipment can be adjusted to cut grass as short as 1.5 inches, though it can also be adjusted upward to a maximum cutting height of 4 inches. This allows the lawn to vary from turf-style in appearance to longer and more natural. Adjustability in this manner is also great for maintaining the health and great appearance of unique grass types and blends.

Driving Systems: Where Things Begin to Diverge

While the vast majority of features found in both the GT and GTX 1054 mowers are identical or similar, the drive systems and steering are a bit different in each. The GT 1054 is easily the more “standard” of the two mowers, with a more traditional manual sector and pinion steering system. This is the system found on virtually all residential lawn mowers, and it will certainly be responsive enough for the average buyer. For those who require a bit more from their mower, however, the GTX 1054 is easily the way to go.

That’s because the GTX 1054 features an electronic power steering system that is a bit more responsive and certainly easier to use during average lawn mowing and when tackling larger landscapes. It’s easily one of the most advanced steering systems on the market, and it will feel right at home in professional landscaping environments as well as in residential areas.

Safety and Comfort are Top Priorities for Both Mowers

Operator comfort is a key part of why many people choose Cub Cadet, and the high-back seat found in both mower models will ensure that those mowing the lawn will not suffer from back pain or operator fatigue, even during longer jobs. The center console area features indicator lights for oil changes, low fuel, parking brake engagement, and low battery concerns. An operator presence system enhances safety, as does the ReversTEK reverse mowing system, the brake pedal lock, and even the reverse safety switch to prevent unwanted accidents while the mower is engaged. Has the Parts and Insight Needed for GT and GTX 1054 Owners

With a wide variety of OEM Cub Cadet parts, and the type of industry experience that can be an asset to Cub Cadet riding mower owners, can assist with routine maintenance, unexpected repairs, and everything in between. The company’s services will keep mowers in great condition for years into the future.

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