Cub Cadet LGT 1050 Lawn Tractor Review

Cub Cadet LGT 1050The Cub Cadet LGT 1050 riding mower is designed to blend power with comfort for the average homeowner, pairing an industry-leading engine with a large mower deck that can make easy work of even the largest lawns and commercial settings. With a number of luxury amenities, including safety alerts and maintenance indicators, the LGT 1050 is designed to be a quick, powerful, and hassle-free way to mow the lawn for both new homeowners and those who have more seasoned expectations of their riding mower.

Under the Hood: An Engine and Transmission that Produce Real Results

The Cub Cadet LGT 1050 doesn’t mess around when it comes to providing the power needed to make quick work of everyday mowing and landscaping. The riding mower comes with a 24-horsepower Kohler engine under the hood, with V-Twin OHV architecture designed to boost efficiency while maximizing overall performance throughout any task at hand. Kohler’s engines are widely regarded as one of the best industry standard, and it’s nice to see Cub Cadet include the 25-horsepower engine with this mower given it’s larger size and bigger overall footprint.

The engine is not the only impressive thing under the hood, however, Cub Cadet has made sure to pair the engine with an appropriately powerful and smooth hydrostatic transmission that reduces operator fatigue and provides greater maneuverability throughout the lawn. The automatic and hydrostatic transmission found in the LTX 1050 is housed in die-cast aluminum, making it far more durable and able to resist the potential debris that might result from unexpected events while mowing.

Thanks to the combination of Kohler’s powerful engine and the hydrostatic transmission that sits alongside it, the LGT 1050 riding mower can move forward at speeds of just over 5 miles per hour. When put in reverse, the mower can go as fast as 2.3 miles per hour. Those speeds, and the power used to enable them, won’t demand constant refueling of the equipment. A 3.3-gallon fuel tank ensures that most mowing will be able to continue uninterrupted from start to finish even in larger settings.

Size and Convenience: How the Mowing Deck Makes Landscaping Work Easier

The great thing about the LGT 1050 riding mower is that it doesn’t sacrifice the mowing deck even while keeping the mower’s size rather compact. Indeed, the LGT 1050 comes with a 50-inch steel mowing deck that will allow larger lawns to be completely mowed in record time. In addition to its large size, the 50-inch blades contained within the deck are part of a triple-blade system. That means mowing will be more accurate and more consistent throughout the lawn, producing turf-like, professional results every time.

Another enhancement enjoyed by this mower is the adjustable blade height that can determine whether grass is given a turf-like length or one that’s slightly longer based on the unique type of grass planted around the home. At its highest setting, the LGT 1050 riding mower can trim grass to a height of about 4 inches. For those homeowners who prefer much shorter grass, the blades and mower deck can be adjusted to cut the grass to just 1.5 inches tall. Adjustment is easy with the mower’s control console and related settings.

Operator Information and Comfort is a Cub Cadet Priority

Cub Cadet has long been dedicated to making their mowers easier to use and maintain even by those who view landscaping as a chore instead of a hobby. That’s why the company has created a series of notifications and alerts that comes with each mower, including lights that illuminate when fuel levels are low, oil needs to be replaced, or other fluids might need to be replenished. Cub Cadet’s LGT 1050 mower also comes with an operator presence system, with sensors that determine whether or not the mower is currently occupied. This system can disable features based on the operator’s presence, greatly reducing the risk of injury or damage during a typical mowing job.

In addition to notifications based on safety and maintenance needs, the LGT 1050 comes with a high-back seat that features a padded, ergonomic design. Cub Cadet’s goal with this seat was to reduce the vibrations and friction that typically affect mower operators. By reducing these vibrations, the company also reduced operator fatigue and made it easier to complete larger mowing jobs without stopping for a break based on the mower’s comfort level. The high-back seat is a welcome addition as well, since it can reduce back pain and better support operators during turns or on steeper grades.

Check for Cub Cadet LGT 1050 Parts and More

For the parts and maintenance guidelines needed to keep a Cub Cadet LGT 1050 riding mower in top shape for years to come, customers should look no further than The site is full of OEM replacement parts, mower maintenance guidelines, and a series of other tools that will make it easy to maintain an LGT 1050 mower for the long haul.

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