Cub Cadet GT Tractor Series Overview

Cub Cadet GT SeriesOne of Cub Cadet’s specialties has been its ability to produce high-powered lawn tractors that can manage every unique condition consumers throw at it. Whether it’s an even lawn, a steep grade, or turf-style cutting, the company’s mowers easily surpass the competition in terms of power, performance, and perfection. That’s especially true of the GT series mowers sold by Cub Cadet. These mowers, which come in several different models based on engine power and deck size, and perfect for truly demanding homeowners who don’t wish to compromise their lawn’s appearance. 

Trust the Specs: How the GT Series Gets the Job Done

The GT series is made up of four distinct models that vary in terms of their horsepower, mower deck size, and steering technology. The company’s entry-level models, represented by the GT 2000 and GT 2100, come with manual steering that allows for an 18-inch turning radius. Both models come with Kohler engines at either 20 or 23 horsepower, and feature mower decks measuring 42 inches and 54 inches.

Higher-end models within the popular GT series of lawn tractors are even more powerful on the job. They come with a power steering option that allow for an 18-inch turning radius, but with far less effort during mowing than the lower-end models. The higher-end GTX 2000 and GTX 2100 models pair their power steering upgrade with v-twin Kohler engines that are capable of producing either 20 or 23 horsepower, much like their lower-end counterparts.

The entire line of GT series mowers is designed to give homeowners complete control over their lawn, giving them the power and tight steer necessary to navigate obstacle, tackle uneven terrain, and deliver a turf-style cut to their law no matter its unique characteristics.

Features of the GT Series

Cub Cadet is known not only for putting great horsepower into the hands of its customers, but also for giving them access to a product that will last far longer than the competition. The durability of Cub Cadet models cannot be understated, especially with the company’s cast iron transmissions and its unique cutting process for the metal parts used to build GT series mowers.

Additionally, the company is one of the few power equipment manufacturers to offer power steering with its higher-end GTX series lawn tractors. Many competing companies rely solely on manual steering, making it just a bit harder to get the job done during a typical landscaping task. When combined with a slip-free transmission and highly durable belts, it’s no wonder Cub Cadet has cultivated such strong loyalty among their customers.

Benefits of Choosing the GT Series

The great thing about the GT series is that it comes in more than one model, able to more easily meet both power requirements and budgetary restrictions of the average home landscaper. The company’s entry level GT 2000 and GT 2100 models are affordably priced, yet they pack the power of a professional-grade, v-twin Kohler engine and large twin blades. The higher-end models, with their power steering and more advanced features, deliver a great value without compromising on power and performance.

Many other companies sell a one-size-fits-all home riding mower, assuming that most homeowners don’t need the extreme power of mowers like Cub Cadet’s GTX lawn tractors. That assumption is usually incorrect, though, and it’s nice to see a company that recognizes the benefits of catering to each segment of the market.

Available Attachments for the GT Series

In addition to double and triple baggers, Cub Cadet offers a full line of attachments that can turn their GT and GTX series lawn mowers into a year-round force for snow removal and landscaping. The company offers both a snow thrower and a snow blade, and customers will enjoy access to a full line of trailers that can be used to haul equipment or landscaping material during the warmer months. Sweepers and spreaders are also available for more intense landscaping work around the home.

Choose for OEM Parts

Cub Cadet’s mowers should always be paired with OEM parts manufactured by Cub Cadet in the company’s own factories. Perhaps the best place to find the widest selection of OEM replacement parts for GT and GTX models is Customers will be treated to everything from belts and bolts to blades and accessories by using the company’s intuitive parts lookup tools and interacting with friendly professionals throughout the process.

Perhaps the best part of the entire experience is the company’s online parts lookup tool, which makes it exceedingly easy to find the right part for any task. Parts can be separated by product type, engine manufacturer, Cub Cadet model number or even the specific part number required as part of seasonal maintenance or replacement. The tool’s numerous options and intuitive layout makes it perfect for both novice and advanced customers, enhancing the company’s commitment to the full spectrum of GT series buyers.

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