Cub Cadet GT vs. GTX Tractor

Cub Cadet GTXCub Cadet’s mission to serve each homeowner’s unique needs has resulted in the company’s development of a segmented GT series of lawn tractors. At the lower end, the company caters to less demanding consumers with its GT 2000 and GT 2100 models. For more discerning customers, or those who simply have a lawn that requires more power and upgraded features, the GTX series of mowers offers enhanced power and precision throughout any landscaping tasks. Though the different models vary somewhat in features, their commitment to precise and powerful mowing is consistent across all four available versions of the popular series. 

The Features and Specs that Set the GT and GTX Apart

The great thing about the GT and GTX models is that they’re designed to meet a unique set of challenges with powerful engines, large mower decks, and great steering. With a number of different models available, these mowers can meet consumers’ needs more adeptly than competing lawn tractor models from other companies, which apply more of a one-size-fits-all mentality to their features and specs.

The GT and GTX models are paired with a v-twin Kohler engine, which provides more raw power than virtually any other riding mower in this class. Unique fabrication and cutting are used on every part used to build the mower, increasing long-term durability in tough mowing environments. And all three mowers are designed to be used not only with a series of larger and smaller blades, but also with a wide variety of accessories that can perform tasks that range from snow clearing to mulch spreading. That commitment to versatility is one of the key ways that Cub Cadet enhances and compounds the value of both its GT and GTX models at the time of purchase.

In-Depth: A Look at Similarities and Differences of the GT and GTX

Cub Cadet’s GT line of mowers features two models, each designed to work with consumers who are a bit less demanding when it comes to home landscaping. These models are perfect for first-time buyers or those who have a relatively flat and “normal” lawn. They’ll certainly work in more intense conditions, but that’s not their primary focus. These mowers come with manual steering that allows for an 18-inch turning radius. The use of manual steering instead of power steering means that a bit of extra effort will be required while driving the mower.

The GTX line, conversely, does include power steering while featuring the same commitment to Kohler engines that can be found with the entry-level GT series of lawn tractors. While the GT series of mowers comes with triple blades that measure between 42 inches and 54 inches, the GTX comes with a triple blade system that can handle the same measurements within the deck. That’s good news for those who value a precise mowing experience, especially since both the GT and GTX can handle precise cutting between 1.5 inches and 4.0 inches.

The Kohler engines paired with the mowers come in two varieties, producing either 20 or 23 horsepower. Both the GT 2100 and the GTX 2100 feature the 20-horsepower model. The upgraded GT 2100 and GTX 2100 models come with the slightly more powerful Kohler engine that enhances mowing and makes driving the mower just a touch easier. Both the GT and GTX models offer excellent power, tight turning radius ratings, and blades that can easily be adjusted to cover wide swaths of a typical lawn with minimal effort. That universal commitment to power and convenience is refreshing.

A Great Line of Accessories for GT and GTX Models

Perhaps even better than the engines and blades bundled with both the GT and GTX mowers is their large line of available accessories. Cub Cadet has worked to make these mowers more than a mere warm weather landscaping component. With a snow thrower and an available snow blade, consumers will be able to use the mower throughout the winter to clear walkways and driveways with very little effort.

During the warm months, Cub Cadet’s accessories are designed to help customers tackle a wide range of landscaping problems. A spreader can be added to the mix, as can a series of trailers, carts, and even a sweeper. The company sells both a double bagger and a triple bagger for heavy-duty collection of clippings. All told, there’s not very much that this mower can’t handle.

For OEM Replacement Parts, Choose

Over the course of the year, Cub Cadet’s GT and GTX mowers will require seasonal maintenance and potentially even some repairs. That necessitates OEM parts, which offer better quality and durability than off-brand alternatives. Customers looking for the widest assortment of parts for these models should choose, where an intuitive parts lookup tool can narrow down the company’s selection by using engine type, equipment type, model number, or part number. It’s the best way to get the right tools for the job with minimal time and effort, and represents a great resource for all Cub Cadet equipment owners.

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