Cub Cadet LS 25 Log Splitter Getting Started Guide

cub cadet ls 25

Just bought a Cub Cadet LS 25? This guide will walk you through unpacking, assembling and preparing your log splitter for use.

What You’ll Need

Gather the following items to remove this splitter from the crate and assemble it:

– A pry bar or claw hammer
– Wire cutters
– Safety glasses
– Protective gloves
– Shell Tellus S2 M 32 hydraulic fluid to top off the hydraulic system
– Motor oil

The beam is heavy, so it’s a good idea to have a second person on hand to help when moving it into position.

Check your unit’s engine manual for oil and fuel recommendations. Additional motor oil will be needed to lubricate the beam.

Unpacking and Assembling

1. Use a pry bar or claw hammer to open the crate. Start with the top, then work around the sides.
2. Remove the tongue assembly, attached to the inside of the crate.
3. Remove the plastic cover.
4. Remove the spring clip and clevis pin from the jack stand on the tongue. Pivot the stand down 90 degrees. Reinsert the pin and clip.
5. Remove two bolts and nuts from the tank bracket. Remove the wood block inside the bracket.
6. Slide the tongue into the tank bracket, lining up the holes in both parts while keeping the high-pressure hose above the tank assembly. Reattach the bolts and nuts to secure the tongue.
7. Remove any bolts or straps attaching the end plate to the bottom of the crate.
8. Pull out the vertical beam lock, located on the beam just above the axle, and rotate it back. Pivot the beam until it locks into the horizontal position.
9. Remove the wood between the wedge and end plate. Cut the strap at the front of the cylinder.
10. Remove the six screws holding on the dislodger. Slide the dislodger up to remove.
11. Remove the half of the log tray on the control valve side by removing four hex washer screws.
12. Lift and slide the cylinder up to the top of the beam (away from the base plate) and into the weld brackets.
13. Attach the dislodger over the wedge assembly using the six screws removed previously.
14. Reattach the log tray using the previously removed hex washer screws.
15. Inspect the bottom of the crate. Remove any splinters or staples that could puncture the tires.
16. Cut the metal strap holding the splitter to the bottom of the crate. Remove the wood under the engine. Roll the splitter off of the crate.
17. Remove the clevis pin and bow-tie cotter pin from the control handle.
18. Rotate the control handle up into the operating position. Reinstall the clevis pin and bow-tie cotter pin.


1. Prepare the engine according to the directions in the engine owner’s manual.
2. Lubricate the beam area with engine oil.
3. Inflate the tires to 30 PSI.
4. Check the reservoir dipstick, located between the engine and reservoir tank. Add hydraulic fluid as needed.
5. Disconnect the spark plug and prime the pump by pulling the recoil starter as far is it will go 10 times.
6. Reconnect the spark plug and start the engine.
7. Use the control handle to extend and retract the wedge through its full range of motion. Check and refill the reservoir. Extend and retract the wedge 12 more times to remove any remaining air. Check the reservoir one last time.

Where to Buy Cub Cadet Log Splitter Parts

Whether you lost a cotter pin or you need to do some major repairs to your Cub Cadet LS 25 log splitter, has all the OEM parts you need. With thousands of items in stock, most orders can be shipped anywhere in the U.S or Canada shortly after ordering.

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