Cub Cadet LT Lawn Tractor Series Overview

Cub Cadet LT 1040Cub Cadet’s riding mowers are split into two distinct series, with each catering to a different type of homeowner and a different type of lawn. The company‚Äôs LT series has been designed to be compact, lightweight and perfect for those homeowners who enjoy relatively flat terrain or a smaller lawn overall. Its lighter weight, smaller size and easier operation is generally a testament to this mission, as are the slightly smaller engines included in the LT series when compared to the higher-powered LTX series also sold by Cub Cadet.
A Look at the Cub Cadet LT Series Specs

Most lawn tractors in the Cub Cadet LT series come with a Kohler single-cylinder engine that helps to propel the mower forward at just over 5 miles per hour. When in reverse, these powerful engines can propel the mower backward at 2.3 miles per hour. That’s quite a bit faster than many competing models in this segment, and it’s a great way to get even larger mowing jobs done in a short amount of time.

LT series mowers sold by Cub Cadet come with mower decks that range from 36 inches to 46 inches, depending on the specific model number being purchased. Each mower deck offers twin blades, which allow for precise cutting of grass to as little as just 1.5 inches. Mower decks in this series can be adjusted by the owner to meet different needs, with many LT series mowers cutting grass as long as 4 inches or just a bit longer.

The turning radius of the LT series is quite tight compared to other entry-level home lawn tractors. Mowers in this series have an 18-inch turning radius, allowing for professional results during routine mowing.

Key Features of the Cub Cadet LT Series

Perhaps the biggest feature of the Cub Cadet LT series is its relatively light weight, especially when compared to the consumer-focused mowers made by other companies. The lightweight construction of the mower can be seen in its smaller plastic engine housing and lighter-weight metals around the mower deck. Its impact can be felt not only in everyday navigation of the lawn while mowing but also in the slightly improved fuel economy that results from a lighter construction.

The mower is also one of the few to pack powerful Kohler engines under the hood, giving it an added boost over other mowers that makes it perfect for larger expanses of relatively flat terrain. Where a Kohler engine is not present, a Kawasaki or Briggs & Stratton model will typically be substituted.

The LT Series: Benefits Over Competing Models

Cub Cadet has never been known to sacrifice power or performance, even when creating products that are a great deal more compact than what is offered by the competition. That remains true with the LT series, which is easily more compact than mowers of similar power sold by other companies.

Buyers who choose an LT series lawn tractor will find themselves able to enjoy tighter turning, smoother operation and better performance around the home without giving up mower weight, portability or even fuel economy. In a world of increasing gas prices and a focus on overall efficiency, that’s a major benefit that shouldn’t be ignored by prospective buyers.

For Long-Term Quality and Durability, Choose OEM Replacement Parts

The key to a long-lasting riding mower is regular maintenance before the summer season as well as timely repairs of any damage done by routine mowing. Cub Cadet, like many major power equipment manufacturers, actually produces its own OEM replacement parts for use in all of its LT mowers. The company does this generally as a way to control the quality of the parts being used by customers, helping them to extend the life of their mower by using only company tested and approved parts.

Of course, off-brand parts are also available for Cub Cadet’s LT series, and many consumers might find them to be a pretty attractive option. The problem, though, is that these parts are not put through the same quality assurance tests as Cub Cadet’s OEM parts are. Furthermore, off-brand parts often sacrifice material quality for lower prices. This can cause non-OEM parts to break more quickly or damage more easily, resulting in more frequent repairs and higher overall costs of ownership for many buyers.

Choose for OEM Parts and New LT Series Lawn Tractors

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