Cub Cadet LTX Lawn Tractor Series

Cub Cadet LTX SeriesHomeowners are typically a bit daunted by the riding mower shopping process. In addition to being able to choose from several major brands, they’re able to choose from several different models and series manufactured by each brand. That can lead to “option paralysis” in many cases, causing consumers to delay their purchase altogether. By understanding the differences, though, this choice can be made readily and far more easily. Cub Cadet manufactures two key mower series for homeowners in its LT and LTX lawn tractors, and the LTX is a perfect companion for high-powered, demanding home landscapers.

The Right Specs to Handle Challenging Terrain and Larger Lawns

The Cub Cadet LTX series was designed by the company to be the high-end consumer mower for handling tough terrains and large lawns. That’s why even the entry-level model, the LTX 1042, comes with a powerful, single-cylinder Kohler engine. Higher-end models in this series pack engines from Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, and Kawasaki, that feature two-cylinder and v-twin engine architecture. Consumers can pick the mower engine that best works for their own lawn and landscaping needs.

Mower decks in the LTX series start at 42 inches for lower-end models, but they quickly escalate in size up to about 52 or 56 inches. The larger the deck, the quicker the mowing job. In many cases, larger mowing decks are also attractive to homeowners with seriously large pieces of land that need to be mowed often and in a hurry. Twin blades are a standard feature with this mower series as well, contributing to more precise cuts and greater flexibility in the length of the grass after mowing. The LTX series can just as easily turn out turf-like lawns as it can four-inch, natural-looking landscapes.

Features of the Cub Cadet LTX Lawn Tractor Series

The LTX series is designed to be compact and easy to maneuver. To that end, the mower comes with a power steering system and a hydrostatic transmission. Buyers will quickly notice that driving these mowers is like driving a vehicle, with no noticeable lurching or lagging when gears are shifted. The mower’s powerful engine and transmission allow it to travel forward at just over five miles per hour, with a reverse speed of roughly half that.

Included headlights benefit the compact design, making it possible to use the mower well into dusk. On the hottest summer days, this key feature is a great way to avoid the dangers associated with high heat and the potential for troublemaking sunburns as well.

Benefits of the LTX Over Competing Models

The LTX series of lawn tractors sold by Cub Cadet is likely the best choice for homeowners who have an uneven lawn or a larger piece of land to mow. That’s because the LTX series comes with powerful two-cylinder and v-twin engines that can power it up hills, through dips in the landscape and throughout larger lawns that extend well beyond the home’s immediate surroundings. Many competing models feature single-cylinder engines which, while powerful, simply don’t have enough capacity to handle more challenging landscapes.

The tight turning radius found on LTX models is another benefit over the competition. The challenge with any riding mower is to achieve professional results with minimal effort, and the 12-inch turning radius found on most LTX models is the best way to achieve that goal. Best of all, the tighter turn radius will have visitors believing that the lawn was handled by a walk behind mower. Most homeowners won’t feel too bad about leaving that assumption unchecked.

OEM Replacement Parts are the Best Bet for the LTX Series

Cub Cadet’s many mowers come with high-quality parts designed to stand the test of time. Even so, regular maintenance means that many customers will be in the market for some repair parts before the start of each spring season. Likewise, small debris in the lawn can easily damage even the most durable lawn mower parts. When a replacement is necessary, customers face a choice between either OEM parts, made by Cub Cadet itself, or off-brand parts made by less reliable vendors.

In this case, the choice to be made is clear: OEM parts offer a better commitment to quality and durability than off-brand alternatives. The Cub Cadet commitment to quality means that OEM parts will last longer, be more resistant to damage or wear, and reduce the long-term expenses associated with owning a Cub Cadet LTX series lawn tractor.

For Cub Cadet Mowers and OEM Replacement Parts, Choose

Shank’s Lawn Equipment, the company behind the website, has been in the power equipment industry for decades. That has allowed the company to develop the right combination of friendly customer service, knowledgeable sales and support and a long list of OEM replacement parts for Cub Cadet lawn tractors. With that kind of combination, customers will find it easy to get everything they need from Using the parts lookup tool or other customer service options, customers can buy the exact part their mower requires with little searching, no hassles and affordable prices.


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