Cub Cadet LTX 1040 Overview

Cub Cadet 1040The Cub Cadet LTX 1040 is a riding lawn tractor designed for medium-duty residential use. While it is the entry-level model in Cub Cadet’s 1000-Series of residential garden tractors, it is more powerful and faster than certain other models within the 1000-Series. It can clear up to three acres per hour and offers a variety of features that make it useful in difficult conditions. It is a good value for any residential user who does not require a zero-turn mower.


The LTX 1040’s heavy-duty mowing deck features Cub Cadet’s Signature Cut, which uses anti-scalp wheels and a proprietary deck design. The design consists of specially designed rounded high-lift blades to create overlapping cuts. The deep deck housing allows for grass to stand on end as it is pulled up into the blades. This ensures that the lawn tractor can access impacted and crushed grass, ensuring a clean and uniform cut.

The lawn tractor also features a tight 12-inch turning radius, which helps when navigating around trees and tighter areas between buildings and around gardens. It has a durable frame constructed from the thickest steel in its class and a cast-iron front axle, both of which ensure that the machine is capable of handling uneven terrain over extended periods without deformation.

The LTX 1040 also offers an array of ergonomic features designed to improve operator comfort. Operators sit on Cub Cadet’s well-padded mid-back seat that is adjustable for 12 positions and that has six inches of travel. The machine also features padded footrests for reduced vibration. The standard CVT transmission allows for infinitely variable speed up to its maximum speed, allowing operators to tailor their speeds to specific terrain. Standard cruise control ensures that these speeds remain constant without the need for frequent adjustment.

Other features include the SmartJet deck wash system, which allows owners to simply connect their hose to a port in the top of the deck and automatically wash out grass clippings and mud, which may impede performance. The 1000-Series mowers use RevTEK Reverse Mowing Technology, which improves safety by allowing for reverse mowing until the operator disengages the system, shuts off the mower, or leaves his or her seat. Headlights are standard, allowing operators to mow in darker shaded areas without fear of running into unseen hazards.


Owners of the LTX 1040 can purchase a wide array of optional accessories to tailor their mower to any specific application. For winter use, optional snow thrower attachments, snow blades, and tire chains allow owners to clear their property of snow without arduous shoveling. A broadcast spreader helps property owners fertilize their grass when the weather warms. Cub Cadet also sells an attachment called the Mow-N-Vac, which is a towable vacuum system useful for creating compost. A conventional bagging system is also available.

Other accessories include mulching kits for returning nutrients to the grass and lawn sweepers for clearing leftover clippings and leaves. An owner may also choose from an array of poly carts and utility carts. Utility carts range from 10 to 17 cubic feet, allowing owners to carry as much as 1,200 pounds of cargo including firewood or raw materials around the property.


The LTX 1040 uses a strong nine-gauge steel welded frame that supports the various subassemblies and components. At the heart of the machine is a single-cylinder 19 horsepower Kohler OHV engine, which is designed for smooth delivery and reliable operation for extended periods. The engine is fed from a 3.3-gallon fuel tank. The engine connects to the continuously variable transmission via twin CVT drive belts. The top speed is 5.2 miles per hour traveling forward or rearward.

The machine uses a manual PTO engagement system to power two heavy-duty high-lift blades. The two blades overlap slightly to create a combined cutting width of 42 inches. Cutting height is adjustable between 1.5 and 4 inches. The deck itself is 12-gauge steel and connects to the drive system via a heavy-duty Kevlar belt. Like the rest of the machine, it is covered by a three-year/120-hour and five-year/500-hour limited warranty.

Servicing a Cub Cadet LTX 1040

All machines require periodic maintenance to ensure reliable functionality. The Cub Cadet LTX 1040 requires its owners to follow the maintenance schedule outlined in the owners’ manual. Maintaining the LTX 1040 requires owners to possess lubricants, engine oil, oil filters, and air filters. When looking for parts to perform routine maintenance or replace any defective components once the machine has aged out of warranty, owners should visit The site carries a full line of OEM parts constructed to factory specifications and adhering to all factory quality standards. It also has a collection of diagrams that are matched to specific machines and parts, allowing owners to verify that the part that they need is the part that they are actually ordering.

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