Cub Cadet LTX 1042 KW vs. LTX 1042 KH Lawn Tractor

Cub 1042 KHCub Cadet 1042 KWThough Cub Cadet typically targets the amateur home landscaper with its LTX series of riding mowers, the company has been in the business long enough to know that even today’s home landscapers often prefer different engine technologies and slightly different methods of operating their lawn mowing equipment. That’s why Cub Cadet has focused on creating two slightly different variants of its LTX 1042 riding mower. Both options available to consumers feature excellent engines, a large mower deck, and the kind of thoughtful design features that can improve safety and regular maintenance, but they offer different engines and slightly different operating procedures that will work for different kinds of homeowners.

Engine Technology: The LTX 1042 KW vs. the 1042 KH

The “KW and “KH” tags applied to the LTX 1042 series generally refer solely to the engine that powers each mower. The LTX 1042 KW is powered by a Kawasaki V-Twin OHV engine that can produce as much as 18hp during typical mowing. That’s a significant amount of power, especially for a mower this size, and it will appeal to a broad segment of home landscapers. Even so, many other homeowners prefer a bit more power behind the wheel. Others have learned to trust different engine manufacturers, and they may prefer the LTX 1042 KH for that reason.

The 1042 KH comes with a Kohler Courage engine instead of the Kawasaki option. In addition to featuring an entirely different engine, the equipment is a bit more powerful overall. That’s because Kohler’s V-Twin OHV engine produces 22 horsepower instead of the Kawasaki’s 18-horsepower output. Those homeowners who believe that more power will help their cause, especially if they mow on more challenging terrain, will certainly appreciate this slight boost in overall horsepower and productivity.

Similarities: Beyond the Engine, the Mowers Have a Lot in Common

Though the Cub Cadet LTX 1042 KW and KH mowers feature different engines, many of their other features are perfectly identical. Both mowers come with a sizable, 42-inch mower deck that can make quick work of both smaller and larger lawns. The deck can be adjusted to provide the perfect cut for each homeowner’s taste as well, with the ability to cut grass to a turf-like 1.5″ or a longer, 4-inch length that can produce a more natural looking lawn.

Both riding mower models feature a smooth, hydrostatic transmission that has been expertly designed by Cub Cadet to reduce vibration and operator jitters during extended operating periods. The transmission further allows the equipment to enjoy smooth shifting, a tight turning radius, and more durable operation throughout the summer months.

Creature Comforts are Central to Cub Cadet’s Design Process

As with virtually all Cub Cadet riding mowers, operator comfort has not been overlooked in the pursuit of greater power and more effective mowing overall. Indeed, the Cub Cadet LTX 1042 series comes with a high-back operator seat that can actually reduce fatigue and ensure much greater comfort during longer mowing tasks than competing models. The seat’s high-back setup is paired with ergonomic, shock-absorbing design that can further reduce the amount of vibrations and jitters that are transmitted from the engine to the operator.

While the Cub Cadet LTX 1042’s seat is designed to ensure comfort, the operator controls have been specifically designed to ensure greater safety and easier operation of the equipment all year long. That’s why Cub Cadet has included a small notification area that alerts owners when it’s time to add new fuel, perform an oil change, replace the battery, or release the emergency brake from its activated position.

Safety Features Provide Great Peace of Mind During Operation

Operator comfort can only be enjoyed when high levels of safety are enforced by the equipment. To that end, the Cub Cadet LTX 1042 features an operator presence sensor that can determine whether or not someone is actually present when the equipment is on. If the mower detects the operator’s absence, key systems will be shut down entirely in order to safe fuel, promote safety, and provide greater peace of mind.

The mower’s safety features also include a brake pedal lock and a reverse safety switch. Operators are well-served by a neutral start option, and Cub Cadet’s innovative ReversTEK reverse mowing system can ensure the integrity of the mower, the safety of the operator, and the safety of any potential bystanders, when the power is performing its job in reverse.

For Cub Cadet Mowers and Replacement Parts, Visit

Cub Cadet’s innovative riding mowers are some of the most powerful and dependable on the market, but they’ll still require regular maintenance and occasional OEM replacement parts in order to remain efficient and effective. When the mower needs new parts or expert maintenance, look no further than the broad selection of parts and services available at It’s the best way to ensure that the LTX 1042 remains powerful, efficient, and effective, no matter what operators throw its way.

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