Cub Cadet Pressure Washers

Cub Cadet Pressure Washers

Keeping the outside of your home looking tidy requires more than just lawn care, which is why Cub Cadet has a line of pressure washers to help keep sidewalks, decks, driveways and buildings clean. Available with a range of engine and pump choices, these pressure washers are perfect for home and light commercial use.


Cub Cadet uses AAA triplex pumps. While the brand may not be as visible as some of their competitors, they’ve been a major player in the market for almost 30 years. Their parent company, FNA Group, began as an importer of European-made pumps. After identifying issues with the pumps available on the market, they started developing and building their own pumps here in the U.S. under the AAA brand in 2009.

The standout feature of these pumps is their exclusive PowerBoost system. It uses a valve that blocks off the detergent injection system during high-pressure use. This increases the amount of available pressure at the nozzle while reducing heat and vibration inside the pump.

Other design features are built to deliver maximum reliability. The crankcase is die-cast aluminum, while the pump head is made out of forged brass, giving the pump high strength and high corrosion resistance. The pump shaft rides on oversized radial ball bearings, and every opening uses double seals to keep the pump watertight. There’s even a sight glass that allows the oil level to be checked without needing a dipstick, eliminating one more place for water to enter.

These pumps are sized according to the available power on each model:

CC3224 – 3,200 PSI at 2.4 GPM, 7,680 cleaning units
CC3425 – 3,400 PSI at 2.5 GPM, 8,500 cleaning units
CC4033 – 4,000 PSI at 3.3 GPM, 13,200 cleaning units

Spraying Performance

All models come with Simpson Monster hoses. These three-layer hoses have a brass-coated steel braid jacket to handle high pressures and 6-inch rubber bend protectors on each end to take the stress off of the areas where the hose bends most. The CC3224 and CC3425 come with a 5/16 inch by 25-foot hose, while the CC4033 has a 5/16 inch by 50-foot hose. These hoses use quick connectors for the spray gun and pump.

These models come with 25-degree green, 15-degree yellow and 0-degree red spray tips along with a 40-degree white soap nozzle that can draw from the pump’s detergent hose. This lets these washers be used for everything from cleaning cars and wood decks to blasting weeds out of pavement cracks.

Maximum pressure can be regulated directly from the pump to fit the job at hand. The CC3425 and CC4033 come equipped with a Dial ‘N Wash side assist handle for changing water pressure on the fly. This lets you switch pressure when moving between surfaces or vary the pressure to compensate for distance when cleaning large areas.


The CC3324 is powered by a 208cc Cub Cadet engine. Designed and built by the company specifically for their equipment, it offers unparalleled ease of use. There’s no choke or priming bulb, and it has an automatic decompression system to decrease the effort needed to pull the starter handle.

The other pressure washers come with Honda GX-Series engines. These commercial engines are built for years of heavy use while keeping noise and emissions to a minimum. The CC4033 uses a GX200, while the CC4033 has a GX270.


Cub Cadet warranties these pressure washers and their engine for three years of residential use. Honda guarantees their GX-Series engines for three years of commercial use and AAA guarantees their pumps for 5 years of commercial use.

Getting Parts for Your Cub Cadet Pressure Washer is a certified dealer for Cub Cadet and their manufacturing partners including Honda Engines and AAA pumps. This lets us ship OEM replacement parts and accessories for your equipment to any address in the U.S. or Canada. Need help finding a part? Our site can show you exploded parts diagrams and parts descriptions direct from the manufacturers so you can see exactly what you’re getting.

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