SC 100 Walk-Behind Mowers

SC 100 Walk-Behind Mowers
Mowing a small lawn doesn’t mean having to settle for a low-quality mower. The SC 100 is Cub Cadet’s most basic walk-behind model, but it still comes with the features that make their products easy to use and maintain so you can keep your lawn looking good with minimal frustration.


The SC 100 uses a 21-inch steel deck fitted with a standard mulching blade. It can also be fitted with Cub Cadet’s Xtreme cutting blade which increases the edge area to chop mulch finer and increase compaction to store more clippings in the bag.

An integrated mulch plug makes it easy to switch between side discharge and mulching. With the deck plugged, a 1.9-bushel bag can be attached to the back of the deck to catch clippings.

While small, this mower still provides the Cub Cadet Signature Cut. A unique deck shape with a low front end and curved top helps the blade generate vacuum, pulling grass up as it enters the mowing chamber. This cuts every blade to the same height for a consistent, professional-looking finish.

This deck comes with Cub Cadet’s Smart-Jet high-pressure washing system. By hook up a garden hose to the nozzle on top of the deck, you can flush out grass and debris just like you would on a riding lawn mower. Frequent cleaning keeps the mowing chamber open to maintain performance. A polycarbonate front end protects the deck shell from minor bumps.

The deck has 6 height positions to cut grass to a height between 1.25 and 3.75 inches. The left and right wheels are connected, so you’ll never leave one wheel to high or low when changing the deck height.


The handle can be set to 3 height positions, making it comfortable for operators of any height, while a thick handle on the mower bail reduces hand stress. When the mower needs to be stored or transported, the handle can be folded forward over the engine by loosening a pair of large knob screws.

The high wheel design uses 8-inch front wheels and 11 inch rear wheels. This increases leverage to make it easier to lift and turn the mower on slopes while still keeping a low front profile to roll under the edges of decks and boshes.


Cub Cadet offers this mower with a choice of two engines:

The SC 100 HW uses Cub Cadet’s own overhead valve 159cc engine. Designed to be easy to use and maintain, it’s backed by the company’s SureStart guarantee. While the mower is under warranty, Cub Cadet guarantees the engine will start on the first or second pull.

The SC 100 H uses a Honda GCV160. This overhead cam engine uses an internal timing belt to reduce noise and valvetrain weight, reducing noise and vibration.

Both engines come with an automatic choke.


Cub Cadet guarantees these mowers and the engine in the SC 100 HW for three years of residential use. Honda guarantees the GCV160 for two years of residential use.

Getting Parts for Cub Cadets

Whether you have a small walk-behind mower, a professional ZTR or anything in between, you can get the parts and accessories you need at We’re a certified dealer for Cub Cadet and engine manufacturers including Honda Engines, which lets us offer OEM replacements for everything on your equipment. Our site can search for your mower’s model and serial number and show you factory parts diagrams and descriptions so you’ll always be sure you’re getting exactly what you need. We can ship your order to any address in the United States or Canada.

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