Cub Cadet Pro Z Mowers 700 S and L

Pro Z 700 Cub CadetCub Cadet may be best known for their consumer products, but they still offer plenty of equipment aimed at professionals. The Pro Z 700 series of ZTR mowers is no different, combining wide decks, industrial grade Kawasaki motors and some unique features like the Synchro-Steer system into a package designed to meet the needs of the most demanding commercial operators.


All Pro Z 700 mowers are powered by a Kawasaki FX921V. This one liter V-Twin uses a head design with three valves per cylinder, providing a nearly flat torque curve with a maximum output of 31 hp. The metal engine cover has ports for easy cleaning, while a metal grass chopper screen, cast iron cylinder liners, and a fully pressurized lubrication system with an oil cooler ensure this motor will last through years of commercial use. 14.9 gallons of fuel can be stored onboard for less frequent fill ups. This fuel is split between two tanks designed to keep the center of gravity low for stability. A gas gauge is built into the control panel for easy monitoring.

The hydraulic system is driven by a Parker HTJ series 12cc pump. It spins a pair of 260 cc hydrostatic wheel motors which can propel the 700 to a top speed of 12 mph when moving forward and 6 mph when in reverse.


The decks on these mowers are fabricated from 7 gauge steel on all sides. A quarter inch leading edge and 5/16 inch side reinforcements help protect the deck from impacts. Additional top reinforcements are paired with doors for the spindles, enabling access without tools or the need to flip the deck. If you want easier access for blade and deck maintenance, Cub Cadet offers an electric lift kit.

While set up for side discharge from the factory, the deck can also be used for mulching using a kit that adds high lift blades and baffles to help keep clippings in the mowing chamber long enough to be cut into small pieces. Clippings can also be picked up by adding a collection system. It uses an impeller to help pull grass out of the deck and compact it, increasing storage capacity.


At first, the Synchro-Steer system may seem like an odd option for a large commercial mower. While most buyers will be at home behind a pair of lap bars, Cub Cadet estimates that the added precision and speed of this steering wheel-based control can reduce average cutting times by about 10%. This is largely due to the steering system built into the front wheels, helping guide the mower as the drive wheels change speeds. Along with better control, it also reduces scrubbing, resulting in a better finish.

For those who don’t need to maneuver around difficult terrain and don’t want the added cost, there are still lap bar versions available. These are fully adjustable using a pair of knobs at the base of the handles, making it simple to set up the mower for operators of all sizes.


Along with the previously mentioned deck additions, a 72-inch snow blade and tire chains can be added to put these mowers to work clearing snow. An optional 12-volt outlet can charge smartphones and other devices, while a variety of trailers can be towed behind the mower to do everything from broadcast seeding to lawn sweeping.


The Pro Z 700 is available in four models, giving you a choice between 60 and 72-inch decks and either steering wheel or lap bar control.

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