Cub Cadet Receives Best Snowthrower Award

As the holiday season unfolds, and the prospect of mid-winter begins to enter the minds of homeowners, Consumers Digest has released its list of the best snowblowers currently on the market. The popular consumer advocacy organization, which is determined to find the best combination of value and performance in every product it reviews, has determined that three of the ten snowblowers recommended to consumers this year come from Cub Cadet.

Cub Cadet, for its part, has always been dedicated to snowblowers that combine excellent pricing with powerful features that far outpace the competition. This year, the company is being rewarded by Consumers Digest for great buys in both single-stage and dual-stage models, representing the full package for homeowners who live in storm-prone areas and more mild winter climates.

For Consumers in Mild Climates, a Single-Stage Achievement

For entry-level homeowners and those who live in milder winter climates, Consumers Digest had high praise for Cub Cadet’s compact 221 LHP snowblower model. Known as a single-stage snowblower, the 221 LHP represents the right combination of power, performance, and pricing, for consumers who just don’t need the high-powered features of dual-stage models.

The 221 LHP combines a 21-inch clearing width with a 13-inch intake height and a powerful 208cc OHV four-cycle engine made by Cub Cadet itself. That equates to a relatively easy snow-clearing procedure for consumers who are used to accumulations that fall well below the one-foot range. Its powerful engine makes it easy to maneuver, and this was another area that impressed the reviewers at Consumers Digest.

Of course, not all homeowners are lucky enough to live in climates where snowfall accumulations typically fall below a single foot. In many snowier parts of the country, snow accumulations less than 12 inches are a welcome departure from normal. For homeowners that need a bit more power and performance to dig themselves out of a mid-winter storm, Consumers Digest found two Cub Cadet models capable of handling the task.

Two Dual-Stage Models Receive Top Honors from Consumers Digest

Homeowners in the snowiest parts of the country are often faced with snow accumulations that can approach two feet, requiring a heavy-duty snowblower to clear a path through the aftermath when a storm has subsided. Cub Cadet is well-suited to serve customers with these needs, especially with two snowblower models that were recently rated a Best Buy alongside the entry-level 221 LHP.

Those two models are the 526 SWE and 528 SWE. Both models feature a 21-inch clearing height that far surpasses anything in the single-stage snowblower segment. Additionally, both models are suitably wide enough to clear sidewalks, large driveways, or other areas that need to be free from snow shortly after a storm has passed. The 526 SWE features a 26-inch clearing width, while the slightly larger 528 SWE model comes with a 28-inch clearing width that makes it perfect for larger driveways and parking lots.

Both models come with a six-speed transmission that offers six forward speeds and two reverse speeds. Backed by a powerful 277cc four-cycle engine, these snowblowers offer homeowners greater maneuverability than single-stage models. The many different speeds available to buyers of these two models will make it easier to clear snow accumulations of all depths, especially deeper amounts that require a slower speed in order for the equipment to be effective.

A zero-turn Posi-Steer system, standard with both models, further enhances maneuverability and makes it possible to clear large spaces in far less time than competing models from other manufacturers. For these reasons and more, both the 526 SWE and 528 SWE models were considered a Best Buy in the dual-stage segment by Consumers Digest this year.

Enhance the Value of a Cub Cadet Snowblower with OEM Parts

The value of a Cub Cadet snowblower at the time of purchase can be easily maintained throughout its lifetime if homeowners follow a simple rule: If replacement parts are needed, always make sure to buy the OEM version. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, and it means that the parts will be manufactured by Cub Cadet itself. This excludes off-brand parts from the equation, and ensures that the snowblower is always used with parts that were specifically designed and create just for that model by its original manufacturer.

To find OEM parts, consumers need to look no further than the parts lookup tool found on The tool can be used in two ways, the easiest of which can use a snowblower model number and part number to return the proper OEM replacement. To view a wider selection of parts, or to select a snowblower without knowing its exact model number, a three-step series of drop-down menus can narrow parts down using the product category, model or VIN number, and other information. For a successful winter season, look no further than the parts and equipment found at


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