Cub Cadet Snowblower Review: Model 221 LHP

For homeowners lucky enough to live in places where snowfall is generally light and infrequent, a smaller snowblower can be a great purchase that eases the winter season and represents a great value. While Cub Cadet is well-known as a leader in the power equipment industry, often making products that are perfect for heavy-duty uses, its compact snowblower models are equally well-built and great for the homeowners that need them.

The company’s single-stage model, the 221 LHP, is a perfect snowblower for people who enjoy milder winters and storms that spare them the deepest snow accumulations. It is light, compact, and perfectly suited to homeowners looking to save space and money during the coming winter months. In fact, it performs so well in these categories that it has recently been awarded as one of the best values among all snowblowers currently on the market.

A Look at Features: The Small but Mighty Snowblower

There is a common notion that smaller power equipment somehow has to give up on power, offering an experience that is both smaller and less impressive overall. Cub Cadet set out to disprove this common assumption with the 221 LHP and, according to major industry groups, it has succeeded.

Consumers Digest, one of the largest consumer advocacy groups in the country, recently concluded that the model was the most impressive single-stage snowblower on the market. The editors of the publication particularly enjoyed its ability to perform powerfully even with a lighter weight than many competing products.

In addition to its powerful and compact performance, the snowblower features a push-button electric start that will come as a relief to homeowners who dread the pull-chain ignition system found in many similarly-priced snowblowers on the market. This was another point of praise from industry sources, especially for those in the entry-level snowblower segment.

The Specifications Tell the Story

The Cub Cadet 221 LHP snowblower is a gasoline-powered model designed for homeowners who live in areas where snowfall is light or moderate and generally infrequent. It features a clearing width of 21 inches, which is actually pretty big for a snowblower in this category, and at this price range. Its width makes it perfect for clearing snow-covered sidewalks and other walkways around the home, as well as for digging cars out of snow-covered driveways and street parking spaces.

The model’s intake height comes in at 13 inches, which is generally pretty small when compared to the more heavy-duty snowblowers on the market. This snowblower, however, was specifically designed for those in areas where snow never gets above the 13-inch mark. That’s part of its appeal to consumers. As a result of this smaller intake height, the 221 LHP weighs just 93 pounds, well below larger models.

A 208cc four-cycle engine powers the lighter weight of the 221 LHP. That engine, made by Cub Cadet itself, is capable of propelling the snowblower forward with ease. As with any snowblower, homeowners should be prepared to provide a little added guidance and forward momentum during snow clearing.

Stick with OEM Parts for Durability and Better Quality

Cub Cadet’s award-winning snowblowers are legendarily reliable, and that’s a very good thing. In fact, it notably increases their value and is one reason that they have been recommended by Consumers Digest. Every now and then, however, even the best snowblowers on the market show signs of wear and age. When that happens, homeowners will find themselves looking for replacement parts that will restore the snowblower.

For replacement parts that stand the test of time and heavy use, there is no better option than OEM parts manufactured by Cub Cadet itself. These parts are produced by the same company, and in the same factories, where the actual snowblowers originate. That means that they are of a far higher quality than no-name, off-brand parts sold by competitors. They will last longer, be compatible with the snowblower itself, and perform better than the off-brand parts sold by other companies.

Find the Right OEM Replacement Parts with the Parts Lookup Tool

The case for OEM replacement parts is pretty strong, but most consumers might not be sure where to go when purchasing them. They might also be unaware of which parts work best in their 221 LHP snowblower or any other model. At, this dilemma is easily solved. A parts lookup tool allows a specific model number and part number to be entered, with the relevant part appearing for purchase in just a few seconds. Alternatively, a three-step model selection system can be used to obtain a full list of OEM parts sold by the website.

For a large selection of OEM parts that will keep Cub Cadet snowblowers and other equipment working like they’re brand new, look no further than and its innovative parts lookup tool. The selection of parts, great service, and helpful selection tools, will work for homeowners with any service needs.


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