Cub Cadet Riding Mower Maintenance Schedule

Cub Cadet SZ 48The Cub Cadet operator’s manual is full of helpful tips and advice, but perhaps none is more important than the maintenance schedule. This simple grid allows operators to develop a routine that investigates mower fluids, filters, blades, and other essential parts so that maintenance remains proactive instead of reactive. The maintenance schedule should quickly become the quickest and most-used reference for Cub Cadet owners for this reason. For those who are new to the maintenance schedule or need a brief overview of what is covered in its confines, consider this basic primer on schedule use and equipment maintenance as a valuable tool throughout the spring, summer, and fall landscaping seasons.

The First Component: Maintenance Frequency

The maintenance schedule is concerned not only with which areas of the mower need to be looked after, but also how often such inspections need to take place. Typically, Cub Cadet breaks mower maintenance down into a few basic timeframes that should be observed throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Maintenance occurs at the following intervals in most cases:

– Before each use
– Every 10 hours
– Every 25 hours
– Every 50 hours
– Every 100 hours
– Prior to storage

At first glance, it might seem almost too complicated to track equipment usage hours in the pursuit of proactive maintenance. The good news, however, is that virtually all Cub Cadet riding mowers come with a small gauge that tracks how many hours the equipment has been used since it was delivered to the consumer. Keep a small log of maintenance events and this simple gauge will make it easy to stay on top the maintenance schedule’s helpful intervals.

What to Check and When: A Look at the Typical Cub Cadet Mower Maintenance Schedule

Generally, Cub Cadet’s maintenance schedule recommendations are pretty similar between each of tis commercial and residential riding mower models. This allows for an easy breakdown of mower maintenance requirements by interval, in list form, which can help new mower owners stay on top of their duties and keep the equipment in top shape for a long time to come:

1. Before Each Use

Fluids are the most important part of continued mower integrity, and that’s why Cub Cadet recommends checking the oil level and fuel level prior to each landscaping outing. The company also recommends checking the engine’s air filter prior to each use so that the equipment is as easy to start as possible, and as efficient in mowing applications as should be expected of a new mower.

2. Every 10 Hours

After every 10 hours, Cub Cadet focuses on basic cleaning and inspection of key parts. At this point, mower owners will need to do the following:

– Check engine oil and fuel levels
– Clean the mower’s battery terminals of any dirt or carbon build-ups
– Lubricate all of the pedal pivot points found on the equipment
– Clean the hood of the equipment to clear it of debris, clippings, and other grime

3. Every 25 Hours

At the 25-hour usage mark, maintenance becomes a bit more involved and is concerned with more crucial components of the mower’s routine functions. Equipment operators at this point should:

– Check the mower blades and either sharpen them or replace them with new, OEM Cub Cadet riding mower blades
– Lubricate the mower’s front axles and rims
– Clean the mower’s engine cooling rims
– Clean and recoil the air filter’s pre-cleaner mechanism

4. Every 50 Hours

At the 50-hour usage mark, equipment owners will need to change the riding mower’s engine oil and give the oil filter a thorough cleaning. If the oil filter shows significant signs of wear or serious damage, it should be replaced with an OEM oil filter instead of merely cleaned.

5. Every 100 Hours

After 100 hours of mower usage, it’s time to replace the air filter altogether, replace the fuel filter, and check the spark plug’s condition. The spark plug gap should also be measured and adjusted if necessary.

6. Prior to Storage

Before storing the equipment away for the winter, several maintenance procedures must take place:

– Lubrication of front axels, pivot points, and pedals
– Spark plug check
– Mower blade check
– Clean engine cooling rims and all exterior surfaces of the mower

When Scheduled Maintenance Requires OEM Parts, Head to

Many routine maintenance procedures actually don’t require replacement pats. In fact, most require a simple check of the Cub Cadet riding mower’s equipment and perhaps a little bit of cleaning using a mild detergent or a simple lubricant. When more significant work is required, however, is a leading resource for equipment owners. With an online parts lookup tool that narrows parts down by model number, part number, or engine manufacturer, equipment owners can easily find the OEM lubricants and parts they need to keep their equipment working like new for a long time to come.

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