Cub Cadet RZT-S Mower Maintenance Guide

RZT S 24Cub Cadet mowers, like the RZT-S are highly durable and designed to withstand regular abuse throughout the spring and summer, but they require regular maintenance in order to maintain this commitment to problem-free operation. From spark plug concerns to regular fluid checks and changes, proactive maintenance reduces the likelihood of serious damage and expensive repairs over time. Those who are new to the RZT-S mower will find that Cub Cadet has made maintenance logical and straightforward, with clear indications of when each task is required throughout the warmest months of the year.

Safety Concerns Take Center Stage Before and During Maintenance

Maintenance might seem to be a bit safer than actually using the mower, but the truth of the matter is that it can pose serious safety risks all the same. A hot engine, leaking fluids, or unexpectedly moving parts can put operators at risk in a big way. Before starting any mower maintenance, make sure that the equipment is in a flat, level, and well-ventilated area away from pets or other bystanders. Disconnect the spark plug and make sure that the mower cannot start unexpectedly. If the mower was recently operational, allow the engine to cool to at least a warm temperature before proceeding. If servicing the blades or other dangerous parts, wear protective gloves and eyewear as needed to guard against serious injury.

Maintenance Intervals: The Key to Proactive Resolution of Common Problems

Like many power equipment companies, Cub Cadet separates its maintenance recommendations in to intervals. This is much the same as the maintenance concerns for a traditional vehicle, which are spread out by mileage and the time between each service appointment. For the Cub Cadet RZT-S mower, Cub Cadet has a few key service intervals worth noting.

Lubrication Service Intervals

Perhaps the most serious maintenance interval associated with the RTZ-S mower is that which concerns its lubrication. Proper lubrication makes work more efficient, reduces corrosion, and is a generally proactive way to limit more costly repairs over time. The official maintenance interval found in the operator’s manual suggests lubrication of the wheel yokes, steering gears, and front wheel bearings after every 25 hours of mower use. After ever 10 hours of active use, the company recommends a full lubrication of all pedal pivot points.

Engine Maintenance Intervals Are Also Crucial

An efficient, well-maintained engine is also key to limiting maintenance and driving up the efficiency of the Cub Cadet RZT-S mower. As with the lubrication concerns mentioned above, maintenance is spaced out according to hours of active use. There are some groupings of engine maintenance that all operators should follow:

– Every 500 Hours

After 500 hours of active service, the mower’s spark plugs should be replaced.

– Every 200 Hours

The valve lash should be checked and adjusted after 200 hours of mower usage.

– Every 100 Horus

At this stage, the mower requires an oil change, an oil filter change, an air filter replacement, a new fuel filter, and a full cleaning of the engine’s surface. If necessary, the spark plugs should be adjusted, cleaned, or replaced, in order to ensure efficiency.

– Every 25 Hours

At the 25-hour service interval, equipment owners should check and clean the air filter’s pre-cleaner to ensure efficient use of gasoline during mowing.

The Specifics: How to Conduct Routine Mower Maintenance on Key Parts

In addition to following the service intervals recommended by Cub Cadet in the operator’s manual, equipment owners should understand exactly how to perform the maintenance suggested by this schedule. Before getting started, here’s what to know.

1. Spark Plugs

After every 100 hours of use, equipment operators need to check the spark plugs for damage, residue, and proper gapping. This is a good time to adjust the spark plug gap as needed, and it’s a good idea to clean away any carbon deposits that have been left behind by the engine during use. Cleaning of the spark plugs ensures an easier ignition process and more efficient mowing.

2. Air Filter

Every 100 hours, check the air filter for potential damage done during mowing. Remove the air filter and clean it using warm water and a mild detergent. Replace the air filter after cleaning. After 200 hours, install a new, OEM air filer in its place.

3. Oil Change

Oil changes must occur after every 100 hours of mower use for maximum protection of the engine’s internal parts. Cub Cadet recommends either 10W30 or 10W40 oil for maximum performance and protection throughout the warmer part of the year.

4. Oil Filter

During the oil change, simply remove the oil filter after all oil has drained from the engine. Clean the housing surrounding the filter, and then remove it so that it can be replaced with an OEM variant.

5. Fuel System

The fuel system requires replacement of its fuel filter after every 100 hours. before each use, also check the fuel compartment to ensure that it’s clean, full of unleaded gasoline, and ready to work for an extended period.

Find OEM Replacement Parts with Ease at

Regular mower maintenance can be made even more durable and lasting by using OEM parts made by Cub Cadet in its own factories. Finding these parts is easy with a visit to, where equipment owners will find an online lookup tool. This tool separates and filters parts based on the part number, equipment model number or the equipment’s engine manufacturer. This ensures perfect, virtually guaranteed compatibility with the RTZ-S mower and numerous other Cub Cadet models.

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