Cub Cadet SC 100 Push Mower

Cub Cadet SC 100For many homeowners, a push mower is the ideal piece of equipment for summertime maintenance. Push mowers tend to be smaller and easier to store, and they’re a bit easier to learn and control for homeowners who have never owned or used their own lawn mower in the past. Furthermore, they bring many of the same great features and performance benefits of riding mowers, all with less routine maintenance and fewer learning curves. The Cub Cadet SC 100 is part of the company’s Signature Cut push mower series, offering homeowners a highly efficient mower that produces even, professional looking turf with each pass. The mower can easily stand up to even the most discerning, experienced homeowner’s eye for detail outside the home. With great features and excellent specifications, this mower will appeal to both new and experienced homeowners alike.

Signature Cut Series Features: There’s a Lot to Love

The Signature Cut series of push mowers was designed to offer power and precision to seasoned homeowners and landscapers while ensuring that even novice equipment buyers could use the mower easily. For this reason, the Signature Cut series has features that make it both more powerful and accessible to a wide range of buyers. For example, the mower comes with Cub Cadet’s unique SureStart ignition system. The company uses its SureStart Guarantee as a selling point, ensuring that this mower will start with just one or two pulls of the starter grip. As both new and seasoned mower owners know, the ignition process is perhaps the most daunting part of mowing the lawn. This feature eases that concern instantly. For more seasoned equipment buyers, the mower features a large cutting deck and a professional engine that will allow for easy mowing of taller grass and across steeper grades.

The Signature Cut SC100 mower also comes with the ability to dynamically adjust the type of mowing that is performed. Unlike many competing models, which will only discharge, mulch, or bag clippings as they go, the SC 100 push mower has a 3-in-1 deck capable of all three options. A quick adjustment prior to mowing can change where, or if, clippings are discarded. This makes it versatile and able to easily fit into any homeowner’s unique consideration for their outdoor spaces. Six-position deck height adjustment further adds to this mower’s versatility and ease of adjustment, providing cutting lengths that range from turf-like and extra-long.

For comfort and cleanliness, the Signature Cut SC 100 mower comes with a three-position handle and Cub Cadet’s SmartJet deck cleaning system. The handle itself is designed to make mowing more comfortable, pairing its 3-position adjustment capability with soft touch materials that are both easy to grip and more effective at absorbing engine vibrations before they reach the operator. The SmartJet system allows a garden hose to be directly connected to the cutting deck, clearing away clippings, dirt, and residual debris so that the mower more easily stands the test of time.

Getting the Job Done: SC 100 Tech Specs

The SC 100 mower is a powerful push mower that comes with a fine-tuned, 159cc Cub Cadet engine. Because the engine was built specifically for the company’s powerful push mowers, it’s more efficient, easier to start, and powerful enough to tackle both tall grass and tough terrain. The engine enables several other key mower features and specifications, including the large, 21-inch cutting deck. This is a larger size than can be found on many competing push mowers, and it allows the SC 100 to handle medium-sized lawns very quickly.

The deck adjustment lever, which was mentioned earlier, can be used to adjust the deck down to a minimum height of just 1.25 inches. This is a perfect setting for homeowners who prefer a short, turf-like appearance for the lawn. Others will be able to choose one of five alternative settings, including a maximum cutting height of 3.75 inches. This elevated cutting height is a perfect fit for drier climates and some types of specialty grasses. When the cutting is complete, the mower is easy to move and store. All told, the SC 100 weighs just 63 pounds and fits into a very compact footprint for storage in the garage.

Find Cub Cadet Push Powers and OEM Replacement Parts at

Cub Cadet mowers remain among the most popular option for today’s homeowners because they’re so durable, powerful, and efficient. That’s certainly true of the SC 100 push mower, which features a large cutting deck, a highly efficient Cub Cadet engine, and ergonomic features for added comfort. Whether it’s a new Cub Cadet SC 100 mower, or the OEM parts needed to keep an older mower in great shape for many years to come, can help. With a great combination of new mowers and an intuitive parts search tool, customers of all kinds can find exactly what they need to give their lawn Cub Cadet’s signature cut.

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