Cub Cadet Snow Throwers

There is nothing like owning a snow blower that can gobble up and move wet or dry snow quickly. The single stage or two-stage Cub Cadet Snow Throwers are definitely up to the task. Even from the heaviest snow falls, Cub Cadet smoothly moves through without slowing you down. These Snow Throwers are incredibly easy to maneuver even in the deepest snow.  With all-wheel, or track drive on some models, you eliminate any need to push these top-of-the-line Snow Throwers. From the single stage 200 Series to the two-stage 900 series, Cub Cadet has the right equipment and replacement parts to handle your specific snow-clearing needs. 

The single stage Cub Cadet 200 Series Snow Thrower is best suited to handle light to moderate snow accumulation from walkways and driveways. This model features a 21-inch clearing area, an intake height of 13 inches and a steel-reinforced rubber auger. The high-impact, clog-resistant chute rotates within a 190 degree radius on both the 221-HP and 221-LHP models, with a remote lever control on the latter. The 211-HP weighs in at just 88 pounds and is powered by a 179cc Club Cadet OHV 4-cycle engine. The 211-LHP weighs 93 pounds and has a more powerful 208cc Cub Cadet OHV 4-cycle engine. Both models in the 200 series have comfortable, adjustable ergonomically designed handles, push button electric starter, two quart fuel capacity and a high-performance auger system which is designed to move quickly and easily through snow levels that measure just a few inches.

The main differences in the Cub Cadet 500 Series two-stage Snow Blowers is the clearing width which ranges from 24″ wide on the 524-WE and 524-SWE Snow Throwers, 26″ wide on the 526-SWE, 28″ wide on the 528-SWE and 30″ wide on the 530-SWE model. OHV 4-cycle engines range in size from 208cc engine in the 524-SW and 524-SWE models, a 277cc in the 526-SWE and 528-SWE to a powerful 357cc in the 530-SWE Snow Thrower. All 500 series models have the Zero-turn Posi-Steer™ power steering system which allows quick and easy turning in tight spots. The heavy-duty serrated auger also enables the Cub Cadet 500 Series Snow Throwers to move through thick, heavy snow and ice. With 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse gears, a 4-way single-hand chute control, 190-degree chute rotation and a high performance auger designed to handle light to moderate levels of snow and ice.

There is only one model in the Cub Cadet 700 Series two-stage Snow Thrower category and that’s the 726-TDE. Instead of typical wheels, this model uses track drives to achieve maximum traction and balance on just about any surface in any type of weather conditions. This Snow Thrower is right at home on difficult or challenging surfaces with a powerful 208cc Club Cadet OHV 4-cycle motor. To easily control the powerful track drives, fingertip trigger steering controls engage the power steering function when you want it making it easier to maneuver more precisely in any snow, ice or sleet conditions. This model also features a 190-degree chute rotation.

The 3 Cub Cadet two-stage Snow Thrower models in the 900 Series are all designed to make quick work of a whole bunch of snow. Built especially for handling heavy amounts of snow and ice, the clearing widths range from 30″ on the 930-SWE, 33″ on the 933-SWE and an extra wide 45″ on the 945-SWE Snow Thrower. All three models are equipped with a heavy-duty serrated steel auger able to handle the toughest, heaviest snow clearing jobs. The 930-SWE and 933-SWE both have a 357cc OHV 4-cycle engine and the larger 945 has a more powerful 420cc OHV 4-cycle engine. Other features include a push button electric start, 190-degree chute rotation and a built-in headlight for clearing snow and ice in the dark.

As a Cub Cadet Dealer, we want to make sure to provide you with the best equipment to get the job done right. The entire line of Cub Cadet Snow Throwers are faster, tougher and stronger than anything on the market today because their engineers design the equipment from the best materials and parts available. Whatever size or area you need to clear, Cub Cadet has the high-performance premium quality snow throwers designed with the latest and best innovations to make clearing snow and ice easier. Find out why Cub Cadet Snow Throwers can deliver more than our customers expect. When you need the right equipment to get the job done fast and easy, choose a Cub Cadet Snow Thrower.

Image Source: Cub Cadet
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