Cub Cadet Z-Force S Series Riders

As homeowners continue to raise their expectations in their lawn-care technology, the market has risen up to meet the demand. Recently, in the increasingly crowded zero-turn radius mower consumer market, Cub Cadet is carving out a niche for itself with its Z-Force S series. A veteran player in the commercial market with its TANK series, Cub Cadet is making the most of its experience and technological expertise to provide homeowners with Z-Force S series models that provide impressive cuts, comfort, power and, of course, zero-turn radius, so that professional landscapers won’t be the only ones saving time and turning heads with their work. 

One of the most important features for the new Z-Force S series models is their use of patented Synchro Steer technology, which enables users to control all four wheels at once on tricky terrains like hillsides or around trees, deck-posts or gardens. Traditional lap bars on zero-turn lawn mowers have generally only allowed users to control only the two rear wheels at one time. Many users have discovered the lap-bar learning curve to be frustratingly high, often finding themselves doing more damage in getting acclimated than the benefits are worth.

Synchro Steer Technology borrows from the TANK series heavily, utilizing a combination of foot pedals and a steering wheel. This combination allows a rider making a zero-turn on a Z-Force S to engage all four wheels even when they are moving at different speeds, using dual rear-wheel hydrostatic transmissions. While the difference may not be evident on flat, open terrain in ideal weather, as soon as the going gets rougher, it becomes completely evident. The Cub Cadet has high confidence that the Synchro Steer technology will endear the Z-Force S series to even the most inexperienced zero-turn user, preventing property damage and allowing high performance right out of the gate.

In addition to Synchro Steer Technology, Cub Cadet is seeking to empower the user with several other useful features. Ergonomics is one of these, and was a priority in the design of the Z-Force S Riders. Cub Cadet made sure they provided one of, if not the most, comfortable seats in the market, and both seat and steering wheel are fully adjustable to meet individualized user specifications.

Even more important than comfort, of course, to Cub Cadet was the cutting power of their machine. Cub Cadet ensured that their Z-Force S Riders offered heavy-duty, professional grade cutting decks. The decks on the machines are made from welded steel, and uses an overlapping three-blade technology to allow for the sufficient airflow that renders even the most stubbornly wet, tall or thick grass an easy target. The Z-Force S hangs its hat on its ability to endure troublesome weather and terrain, and its cutting deck is designed tough and powerful enough to live up to the challenge.

Cub Cadet has outfitted their largest models, the 60” Rider (Options range from 46” to 60”) with a 26 horsepower Kohler Courage V-Twin engine that provides one of the smoothest starts and least-noisy operations in the business. The engine is easy to maintain, as well, due to the full-pressure lubrication oil filter, which is equipped with spin-on technology. The oil filter is easy to access, and makes even the most raw user feel comfortable performing maintenance on their model. Also, Cub Cadet stayed mindful of the often-tedious task of cleaning the mower deck after a job, and outfitted the Z-Force S Riders with their exclusive Smart Jet Deck Wash System, a handy rig that hits the deck with high pressure water that denies even the most stubborn dirt, grass and debris the opportunity to cling on. Throw in, electric PTO for smoother deck engagement and the aforementioned Synchro Steer Technology and you have one of the most user-friendly machines around.

Whether its competing with the neighbor’s professionally serviced, immaculately manicured lawn, the desire to finally conquer that tricky hillside, or just the simple satisfaction of manning the wheel at a powerful and easy-to-use machine, Cub Cadet hopes that the Z-Force S Riders will provide an attractive option to homeowners looking to get into the zero-turn radius mower market. Their long-time experience in the commercial market has been utilized to the fullest extent, drawing from their successful TANK line, and with user-friendly controllability, design and maintenance options, it appears their goal shouldn’t prove overly difficult to accomplish.

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Image Source: Cub Cadet
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