Cub Cadet Volunteer Accessories

Cub Cadet VolunteerWhen purchasing a Cub Cadet Volunteer utility vehicle, there are a wide range of available accessories  to choose from, all of which can be purchased through the online web-store at These accessories can really improve the overall user experience. Here is an indepth look at each one of these accessories.Volunteer Overview

The Volunteer by Cub Cadet is a heavy duty 4×4 utility vehicle that can be used for both recreational and occupational purposes. This utility vehicle has a massive payload capacity of over 1,400 lbs. and can be customized with several different attachments. There are two separate trims for the Volunteer, the 4×4 EFI and the 4x4D, both of which include replaceable air filters, a cargo box with a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs. and exceedingly powerful engines.

Interior Volunteer Accessories

One of the best aspects of the Volunteer is the amount of accessories available for both the exterior and interior of the utility vehicle. Some of the premier interior accessories for the Volunteer include a rear view mirror that can be attached to the interior of the roof in the vehicle, a bed mat for the cargo box in the back of the vehicle that allows for more cushioning and floor mats to be used on the inside of the 4×4.

One of the most useful accessories comes in the form of a hand/gadget bar that can be attached to the dashboard, allowing the driver to hang certain gadgets and equipment onto it or grab tightly as they are going over a particularly rough bump in the road. If you are going to be using the vehicle to haul different materials and substances, one of the best accessories is the heavy duty plastic bed liner. It’s even possible to purchase a bench seat for the inside of the vehicle. Three other interior accessories that might prove useful include seat covers, a speedometer/fuel gauge and a horn.

Exterior Volunteer Accessories

While there are plenty of interior accessories to choose from for the Volunteer, the majority of accessories were made to be outfitted onto the exterior of the vehicle. You might be interested in an acrylic windshield that is designed to be more durable and long-lasting than the standard windshield or even fog lights that help greatly with visibility during those difficult to see moments. There are also a wide range of different wheels that are available for purchase, such as a set of 4 turf tires with black rims and a set of 4 dual-purpose tires with black rims. You can purchase a poly roof hard top for added durability to the roof of the Volunteer or a salt spreader that can be attached to the back of the vehicle.

If you like to customize the hood of your vehicle, it’s also possible to buy a winch accessory or a hood rack that allows for the transportation of smaller materials. One of the more unique accessories is that of the light bar that can be added to the roof of the Volunteer. If you want a different type of roof altogether, you can purchase the soft roof with rear window accessory. That being said, one of the absolute best accessories is that of the available winch that comes with a 4,000 lb. weight capacity. This accessory is particularly useful for anyone that would like to haul a trailer around. No matter the accessory you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it with Cub Cadet.

Where to Purchase Cub Cadet Parts and Accessories

When you’re looking to purchase OEM parts for the Cub Cadet Volunteer utility vehicle, the preferred dealer is that of No matter which of the accessories you’re considering purchasing, you are ensured of finding them at Cub Parts.

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