JS 1150 – Wheeled Leaf Blower from Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet JS 1150When it comes to cleaning up fall foliage and other messes outdoors, a leaf blower is the best way to get work done quickly and effectively. While many homeowners prefer a handheld model, many others prefer a wheeled model for several reasons. Wheeled leaf blowers allow for a larger engine, higher wind speeds, and easier cleanup of foliage and debris in a more expansive outdoor space. These leaf blowers are also easier to transport around the home for long periods of time, making them an operator-friendly alternative to handheld models when a larger space must be cleared. The JS 1150 brings these features, and many other enhancements, to homeowners in search of a high-powered wheeled option.

Technical Specifications of the JS 1150 Leaf Blower

The JS 1150 wheeled leaf blower is known as part of the “Jet Sweep” line of wheeled models. As its name implies, the JS 1150 is a pretty impressive piece of equipment in terms of its raw engine specifications and the air speeds that it produces after it has been turned on. Cub Cadet has equipped this model with a four-cycle, 208cc OHV engine with a horizontal shaft design. This provides plenty of benefits during use, many of which are the key features and selling points of this model. The engine also ensures efficient use of the blower’s fuel and impressive air speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. Air volume for this model maxes out at 1,000 cfm. This far exceeds the power and performance of a smaller handheld model.

For added stability and safety, the leaf blower comes with a large, 8-inch front wheel that capably handles changes in elevation or terrain. The JS 1150 also features larger rear wheels, measuring 12 inches in diameter. Combined, these large wheels are an absolute asset for operator comfort and safety. Their wider width also keeps the turf safe from compression or other damage when wheeling the equipment to a new location.

Important Features of the JS 1150 Wheeled Leaf Blower

Operator comfort is a central focus of all Cub Cadet power equipment models, and the JS 1150 is no exception to the rule. This wheeled leaf blower features a tall and fully adjustable handle, making it easy to adjust based on operator’s height or their personal preference. The handle is padded with rubberized materials that absorb vibrations from the OHV engine that makes this leaf blower so compelling. Additionally, the horizontal shaft design of this Cub Cadet OHV engine greatly reduces the amount of noise produced while the leaf blower is in operation. Those buyers who are not new to wheeled models will notice that this particular blower is significantly quieter than previous Cub Cadet models, and competing options, as a result.

One of the most important features that buyers should look for when considering a wheeled model is the ability to change wind speed and direction after ignition. While handheld models offer inherent flexibility, wheeled models sometimes suffer from a lack of directional adjustment that can make outdoor cleanup a hassle. That’s not the case with the JS 1150 from Cub Cadet. The leaf blower comes with a variable throttle control that can help to adjust the engine and air speeds during operation. It also features directional air control that can be rotated up or down at a maximum 15-degree angle. The ability to change air direction allows this wheeled leaf blower to handle larger debris by blowing upward; a downward adjustment makes it possible for the blower to build and move piles of foliage or debris more effectively.

Available Accessories Make Maintenance a Breeze

The key to a long-lasting Cub Cadet leaf blower is routine maintenance throughout the year, keeping with the maintenance schedule that comes with each new model. Cub Cadet’s available accessories for the JS 1150 reflect the importance of regular maintenance accordingly. New and existing equipment owners will find oil siphon pumps and spark plug wrenches, fuel stabilizer and engine oil, and numerous other maintenance accessories, all recommended and sold by Cub Cadet for its leaf blowers. These recommended parts and fluids assure easier maintenance and a safer, more efficient leaf blowing experience overall.

Get Cub Cadet Leaf Blowers and OEM Parts at CubParts.com

CubParts.com is a great resource for new or prospective Cub Cadet JS 1150 leaf blower owners. The website features a full selection of Cub Cadet’s powerful wheeled leaf blowers, making it a great resource for those homeowners considering a wheeled model for their needs. Alongside its new leaf blowers, the CubParts.com site also features an OEM parts lookup tool that helps equipment owners find the right replacement parts for any maintenance or repair need. This tool narrows down available Cub Cadet parts by the equipment model number, the engine manufacturer, or the part number requested in the operator’s manual, making it the best way to find a perfect, compatible fit for any part.

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