Cub Cadet Wood Chipper/Shredder Safety Tips

Your Cub Cadet woodchipper/shredder is a great addition to your yard maintenance toolkit, but like any other kind of yard maintenance machinery, take special precautions when using it. When working around any kind of power tools or lawn equipment, safety should always be the top priority. Take the time to review the manufacturer’s operations manual, it could help to prevent a serious accident. Here are some safety tips to help you get the most out of your Cub Cadet woodchipper/shredder.

Appropriate Attire/Safety Gear

Contrary to notion that summer is for shorts and t-shirts, yard work during summer requires a more safety-conscious approach. It is recommended to wear long pants, closed-toe shoes and a long sleeved, fitted shirt. The clothing you wear should be loose enough to allow you to breathe but tight enough that your clothing will not get caught in the machinery. In addition, this clothing also protects your arms, legs and feet from flying debris and of course, sunburn.

Full body safety is important when using lawn and garden equipment such as lawn mowers and wood chippers. Safety glasses or goggles protect your eyes from flying debris, while heavy leather work gloves help shield your fingers from injury because of blades or branches that bind up in the chipper. Make sure you have the right safety equipment for the job before you get started. If you don’t, the results could range from painful cuts, abrasions, or bruises, to missing a finger or an eye. Avoid painful permanent injury and be safety conscious!

Safe Machine Maintenance

Before proceeding with any maintenance involving the working parts or cutting mechanisms of any yard equipment, ensure that the machine is off and all moving parts have come to a complete stop. As an added safety precaution, pull the spark plug wire and ground it to the engine. Once this step is completed, you can be completely assured that you can safely proceed with any machine maintenance.

Safe Distances

Lawn equipment can throw debris a surprisingly long way, and what might be a painful but not serious injury to an adult could be very dangerous or even fatal to children and pets. You should always keep a safe perimeter of about seventy-five feet or twenty-five yards, to keep bystanders well away from the machine and any debris it may throw out. No piece of lawn equipment is completely safe, especially if used improperly, and keeping your kids and pets safely away is the best step to ensure no one gets hurt.

Manufacturer’s Operations Manual

Always review the manual and be sure you understand how to operate the equipment before you begin to operate the machinery. Make sure you have a clear grasp of how the individual controls work and how to shut a part or the whole machine down quickly, if needed. By knowing how to properly operate the equipment, you’ll not only be more efficient at your tasks, but you’ll also know exactly what to do in case of an emergency.

Common sense

More people get hurt each year by not paying attention to basic safety rules and common sense than any other cause. Exercising good judgment and understanding the capabilities of your lawn equipment can help prevent damage to the machine, your property, or yourself or your loved ones.

With proper knowledge and understanding, you’ll find that your yard will be beautifully maintained; safely and efficiently. Your common sense and understanding of the risks, dangers, and proper use of your lawn machinery is your best defense against injuries or damage to you, your family, or your pets.

For more information about your Cub Cadet lawn equipment safety, or to order replacement parts for your Cub Cadet wood chipper/shredder, visit Cub Cadet today!

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