Cub Cadet Garden Tiller Safety Tips

The Cub Cadet is an excellent choice of garden tiller for the home gardener. The tiller is safe and easy to use when utilized correctly. However, there are a few safety tips you should always follow when using the Cub Cadet Garden Tiller.

  1. Remove all debris, stones, wire and small objects from the area that you intend to till. Even if the area appears to be clear, closely inspect the area and ensure that all objects that are hidden or covered are removed. Failure to do so may cause personal injury by tripping and falling over the object or running over the object with the tiller.
  2. Wear heavy duty shoes, such as work shoes when tilling. Never till while barefooted or while wearing sandals. Additionally, wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt that aren’t too loose. Remove all jewelry and any loose fitting garments. Jewelry and loose clothing may become caught in the tilling machine’s moving parts.
  3. To start the tiller, place the Shift lever into the Neutral (or “N”) position. Disengage the clutch before shifting the tiller into neutral.
  4. Never leave your Cub Cadet Tiller unattended while the engine is running.
  5. Always turn off the engine before making any mechanical adjustments. The exception to this safety rule is when the operator’s manual specifically recommends that the machine is running for a certain adjustment.
  6. Familiarize yourself with all of the tiller’s controls prior to operating the machine. Read the owner’s manual and learn about the proper operation of the tiller. Learn how to stop the engine and disengage the gears quickly in case of emergency.
  7. The tines on the tiller rotate. Therefore, be careful when tilling near fences and other stationary objects, such as buildings and underground utility lines. The tiller may cause personal injury or damage to property when used in close proximity to stationary objects.
  8. Running the tiller too fast or too deep may overload the machine. Be sure to maintain a safe rate of speed and only till the recommended depth for safe operation.
  9. If you hear unusual noises coming from the tiller during operation of the machine, or if the tiller begins vibrating, stop the engine immediately. Disconnect the spark plug wire and ground the spark plug wire against the engine. Make any required repairs prior to restarting the tiller engine.
  10. Cub Cadet manufactures accessories and attachments for Cub Cadet tillers. Use only factory approved accessories and attachments specifically manufactured for the tiller.
  11. Make sure to keep the owner’s manual in a safe place where you are able to find it when you need to reference the manual. You will likely need to reference the manual on occasion. Downloadable copies of Cub Cadet owner’s manuals are provided on the manufacturer’s website. You will need the model and serial number to download the owner’s manual for your tiller.
  12. Replace parts on the Cub tiller with Cub Cadet OEM Parts. Ensure that your Cub Cadet tiller operates at maximum efficiency by utilizing parts specifically manufactured for your model of tiller.
  13. Perform regular maintenance as recommended by your tiller’s owner’s manual. Regular maintenance will ensure that your tiller operates at maximum efficiency for the life of your machine.

Observing these safety tips will keep you safe and keep your tiller running for
years to come. For questions about your tiller, contact your Cub Cadet independent factory authorized dealer. Make sure to visit for OEM parts and service information.

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