Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro LT Model Comparison

 Enduro XT1In order to best fit the unique needs of each homeowner, Cub Cadet’s Enduro XT1 series is split into four distinct models. The primary point of differentiation between each model is its cutting deck size, but this deck size also sets the stage for further refinements and improvements under the hood as buyers increase their mower’s size and scope. With a powerful blend of features that is consistent across the board, homeowners who are looking for something a bit larger, more powerful and more efficient will find what they need in one of the four available models current sold by Cub Cadet.

Choose the Best Model for Any Lawn or Landscaping Need

Before selecting any Enduro XT1 mower, it’s a good idea to review the similarities and differences between each available option. While there are more similarities than differences between these models, their differences can lead to major productivity gains in some instances.

Enduro XT1 LT 42

The XT1 LT 42 is Cub Cadet’s entry-level model in this series. As its name might suggest, the XT1 LT 42 features a compact, 42-inch cutting deck. Though this is small by commercial standards, it’s actually pretty large compared to the typical residential mower. The equipment features the highly optimized drive system found across the board on all Enduro mowers, for easier and more precise movement around trees and other objects outside the home.

A refined cutting deck, made from fabricated steel materials, allows for more precise cutting and resists damage on uneven terrain. Like all Enduro models, the XT1 LT 42 comes with an anti-corrosion coating on all exposed metal surfaces. This greatly enhances the mower’s long-term integrity.

Enduro XT1 LT 46

The XT1 LT 46 mower from Cub Cadet features two notable upgrades compared to the company’s entry-level model. First and foremost, this mower comes with a 46-inch cutting deck that can more capably handle somewhat larger outdoor areas. This is a perfect mower for homeowners with medium-sized lawns. In addition to its superior cutting deck, the XT1 LT 46 upgrades its engine to a 22-horsepower Kohler 7000 series engine. This does more than just compensate for the added weight of a larger cutting deck, however. The more powerful engine drives the blades more efficiently and assists the refined steering system in more challenging environments.

This model features a large number of universal features found across the board in the Enduro series, including the aforementioned drive system. Other enhancements include this model’s anti-rust exterior finish, its improved cutting deck, and a more ergonomic operator seat that cuts down on high levels of operator fatigue during extended mowing jobs.

Enduro XT1 LT 50

Like the 46-inch model, the XT1 LT 50 comes with both a deck upgrade and an enhanced Kohler engine to help the model power through challenging conditions. The 50-inch deck is easily commercial-grade, making this mower a natural choice for both residential buyers and commercial customers who are looking for a more efficient addition to their landscaping trailer. The XT1 LT 50 features a slight engine upgrade, with a 24-horspeower Kohler 7000 series OHV engine. A revamped electrical system powers LED headlights and a digital service monitor designed to alert operators to pressing maintenance needs. As a result, this mower is a powerhouse addition to virtually any home or commercial equipment lineup.

Enduro XT1 LT 54

Cub Cadet’s high-end XT1 LT 54 mower features an expansive, 54-inch cutting deck. This makes the XDT1 LT 54 one of the largest models currently targeted for residential use. The 54-inch deck also makes this model perfect for light commercial use in municipal settings. Unlike other mowers in this series, the XT1 LT 54 does not feature an engine upgrade. Instead, this model retains the Kohler 70000 series OHV engine also found in its 50-inch counterpart. Like the lower-end models in the Enduro line, this mower comes with an improved deck, a vastly improved drive system, a revamped electrical system, and helpful tools that aid regular maintenance and parts replacement over time. Better yet, a three-gallon fuel tank allows for extended use without interruptions for refueling.

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After buying a new Cub Cadet mower, the first concern that most equipment owners will have is how to best maintain the mower so that it stands the test of time. There are a few tricks to extend the mower’s longevity, including attentive maintenance throughout the year and the exclusive use of OEM parts when needed. offers a large selection of OEM replacement parts for Cub Cadet Enduro XT1 mowers. Equipment owners can even sort and search for parts by using their unique part number, their mower’s model number, or the type of engine found under the hood. Get started today and keep every Cub Cadet product in great shape for a long time to come.


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