Cub Cadet Z-Force S Commercial Riders – Overview

Cub Cadet Z-Force Commercial RiderThe Z-Force S Commercial Rider from Cub Cadet is among the first zero turn lawn mowers with four wheel-controls on the market. The powerful machine does not have lap-bars. Instead, it offers a steering wheel with Synchro Steer Technology. It provides steering that is easy to operate even in difficult mowing conditions like hillsides and slopes.

Z-Force S Commercial Features

The Z-Force S Commercial is offered in 48 and 60 inch models. The Z-Force S Commercial 48 has a 674cc V-twin Kohler Command engine. It has two cast iron sleeves and comes with an electric start. The lubrication is fully pressurized with a spin-on oil filter and an oil capacity of two quarts. The transmission is Hydro Gear ZT3100 that is charged with an oil filter and reserve. It is easy to handle and control with its steering wheel with tilt column. Its chassis has a heavy duty steel frame with a cast iron front axle.

It provides smooth operation with its electronic engagement clutch and foot pedal deck lift. The mower deck contains a 48 inch high lift blade with standard spindles and a cutting height of one to five inches. The deck is made of Kevlar and is belt-driven. It has four rear striping rollers and two gauge wheels.

Additional accessories can be added to the machine for enhanced cutting ability. Users can add an optional bagger and mulch or light kit. They can also add a snow blade for difficult conditions during winter.

On the other hand, the Z-Force S Commercial 60 has specifications that are similar to the 48 model. However, it has a bigger 25 HP V-twin engine with Kohler Command. It has a powerful 725cc vertical engine with electric start. This model has an estimated weight of 835 pounds. This is slightly more than the other model’s weight of 745 pounds. The cutting ability is also outstanding with its 60 inch high lift triple blade.

Z-Force S Commercial Benefits

Cub Cadet has carefully crafted a lawn mower that can meet every homeowner’s expectations with this series. The machine is created with quality and technology in order to provide users with excellent cutting capabilities while sitting comfortably on its high-back elasticity vibration control suspension seat with armrests. This makes the mower an ideal machine for professionals and homeowners as well. People can mow lawns in hours.

The Z-Force S Commercial is not like any other mower with its patented steering wheel technology. This allows users to control and handle the machine with all four wheels to make the mower suitable even for rough areas like deck-posts or around trees. Traditional lawn mowers make use of lap bars that only let users control the rear wheels. These zero turn mowers are more difficult to handle and do not provide precise cuts.

Cub Cadet’s Tack series originally used Synchro Steer Technology. They made use of a combination of steering wheel and foot pedals that allows the user to make zero turns while controlling all four wheels. It also allows them to mow at different speeds with its dual rear wheel hydrostatic transmissions. This makes the mower handy and convenient on rough terrain. It carefully cuts the lawn while eliminating the risk of damaging property.

Comfort is another benefit that users can get from the Z-Force S Commercial series. It has an ergonomically designed exterior and interior that provides great power and speed while maintaining a sophisticated style. The mower offers the most comfortable experience with its high-back adjustable seat that provides support and maximum body positioning. Its steering wheel is also adjustable in order to embrace every user’s requirements and specifications.

The Z-Force S Commercial 60 Rider provides the best speed and power with reduced noise. This mower has a 26 horsepower V-twin engine that allows a smooth start and quiet operation under any working conditions. Its engine is easy to maintain with its spin-on full pressure oil filter technology. The mower’s interior can also be accessed easily. The deck is designed specifically for easy maintenance and cleaning after every job finished. It also has a deck wash system that contains a rig to introduce high pressure water. This rids the deck of any dirt and unwanted substances.

Cub Cadet is among the leading producers of lawn maintenance technology. The company has been manufacturing quality equipment that provides users with the outmost comfort and precise mowing capabilities. It is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that creates products with consumers’ interests in mind. They also produce accessories and OEM parts that can enhance their equipment’s performance and reliability.

The company has stepped up with their Z-Force S Commercial series. They have produced a machine that outweighs other models on the market. These mowers can trim and cut lawns that look professionally done without much effort and energy spent. They are easy to handle and control, they need little maintenance and they are made even for inexperienced users.

The mower is uncomplicated and effortless when maneuvered on any land area. It is guaranteed to last for years if proper maintenance and cleaning is done regularly. To order replacement parts, provides an easy-to-use Online Parts Lookup Tool on their website The tool allows the user to locate and identify the parts needed, order, pay and ship to your doorstep.




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