Cub Cadet Snowblower Review: Model 526 SWE

Homeowners making preparations for the upcoming winter season are invariably assessing whether or not they need a snowblower and, in many cases, most homeowners do choose to purchase one in order to effectively combat the seasons’ big storms. For those who do decide that a snowblower is their best defense against a wildly unpredictable winter season, there is perhaps no model better suited for tough snow-clearing than Cub Cadet’s compact 526 SWE.

Recently rated a “Best Buy” by Consumers Digest, the 526 SWE snowblower is the right combination of big power and small size, making it perfect for those in colder climates and areas where snowfall can be pretty heavy throughout the coldest months of the year.

Plenty of Features for Homeowners

A number of the most popular snowblowers on the market require a pretty large amount of energy to get started, with pull-ignition systems that can be hard to spark during the coldest parts of the year. Refreshingly, Cub Cadet has left this method of ignition behind for the 526 SWE model that it sells to homeowners. Instead, a push-button electric ignition is included for easier starting and operation.

Also included for easier operation is the snowblower’s six forward speeds and two reverse speeds. Cub’s variable speeds allow faster cleanup when moving through deep snow accumulations and less effort for sidewalks and driveways. The snowblower even comes with a perfect speed for places that have already been cleaned, ensuring customers won’t have to run behind the snowblower as they dart from sidewalk to sidewalk after a big storm.

The 526 SWE is also a great value for homeowners, having recently been awarded with the Best Buy award by Consumers Digest. The organization reserves that honor for less than 3 percent of the products in any given category, and it’s a testament to just how much power homeowners get with this model without emptying their bank account in the process. That’s a pretty stand-out feature, especially during a season when many consumers’ budgets are tested by everything from home heating to the holidays.

A Look at the Specs: A Great Snowblower in Many Ways

Cub Cadet’s value-packed 526 SWE snowblower comes with a 26-inch clearing width that will make snow cleanup a breeze. The clearing width is perfect for on-street parking spaces, wider sidewalks, and large driveways that need to be cleaned quickly. It’s also narrow enough for the snowblower to be stored in a smaller garage area or tool shed.

A 21-inch clearing height is another key feature of this snowblower, as it’s able to handle nearly two feet of snow at any given times. For those in the Upper Midwest and New England regions of the country, this high clearing width is an asset. Even those in the Mid-Atlantic part of the country will appreciate this height during larger nor’easters.

The 526 SWE snowblower comes with Cub Cadet’s innovative, zero-turn Posi-Steer system which is very user-friendly. When combined with the six-speed transmission in every model, the Posi-Steer system makes it easier to maneuver the snowblower through snow accumulations of all depths, greatly relieving homeowners who need to tackle the biggest storms.

For Service and Replacement, Be Sure to Buy OEM

Cub Cadet snowblowers are high-quality machines that are built to last a very long time, but they do occasionally require service or the replacement of key parts. When this becomes necessary, consumers should be sure to buy OEM parts that are manufactured by Cub Cadet itself.

These parts are held to a high quality standard, just like the company’s snowblower, and they’re designed to last far longer than off-brand alternatives. For peace of mind and a commitment to low maintenance snow clearing, always choose OEM replacement parts.

Find OEM Parts Using the Parts Lookup Tool

In the search for OEM parts, there are few resources as useful as the parts lookup found at The tool is able to use a snowblower’s model number, and a relevant part number, to return the exact piece of OEM equipment needed to repair a snowblower. For those consumers who do not have the model number or part number available, a three-tier menu system is able to determine the product category, the product name, and its model number, using three easy steps.

Consumers requiring OEM replacement parts for their Cub Cadet 526 SWE snowblower, or any Cub Cadet power equipment, should trust the expert service and tools found at With years of experience in the industry and the widest selection of parts available anywhere, each customer is sure to find exactly what they need for a


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