DIY Instructions for Cub Cadet PTO Belt Replacement

The PTO (Power Take Off) belt is a very important component to your Cub Cadet riding mower. The main purpose of the PTO belt is to engage and disengage the blades of your mower. If you turn on the PTO function and your mower blades don’t work, you may have a problem with the belt. Here are some tips on why your PTO belt might need to be replaced and how you can replace it yourself.

Why do I Need to Replace my PTO Belt?

After a period of time, the PTO belt can become stretched, cracked, worn or even rotted. Once the belt reaches its breaking point, you will notice a significant difference in the way your mower cuts the grass. In the most extreme conditions, your mower blades may be completely inoperable. Luckily, replacing the belt is not difficult and can be done yourself.

How do I Replace my PTO Belt?

Before you begin, ensure that you have your mower on a flat, level surface and the engine is turned off, the key is out of the ignition, and the engine has had time to cool down.

Step 1: First, disconnect the spark plug and the ignition wire. Then, disconnect the red cable from the battery. Safety tip: Keep your wrench away from metal.

Step 2: Be sure that PTO lever is disengaged. Engage the parking brake. Put the deck height lever in its lowest position. Next, pull the J hooks from the left side and the right side to release the deck from the hanger brackets.

Step 3: Raise the deck height lever to its highest position and pull the click pin out of the front deck hanger rod. Remove the hex screws and belt keeper, then slide the PTO belt off the PTO pulley.

Step 4: Pull the bow-tie clip. Release the PTO cable and remove the spring and cable from the deck. Next, turn the front wheels to the left, so you can slide the cutting deck out from underneath the mower.

Step 5: Now you should be able to remove the belt cover from the right outer pulley. Loosen the two idler pulleys with the belt keepers and remove the PTO belt.

Step 6: Taking the new PTO belt, reassemble by following the previous directions in reverse order.

Step 7: Attach the belt cover around the right outer pulley. Slide the deck back under the mower and attach the spring and cable back to the deck. Insert the bow-tie clip. Route the PTO belt back on the pulley and reattach the belt keeper using the self-tapping screws. Insert the J hooks to reattach the deck to the hanger brackets. Finally, reconnect the spark plugs, ignition wire, and the red battery cable.

Depending on your model, the instructions may vary slightly. To ensure the correct replacement of your PTO belt, be sure to consult your Cub Cadet owner’s manual for detailed instructions. When you need parts for your Cub Cadet riding mower, check out the online parts lookup tool on will ship what you need directly to your door saving you time and money by avoiding the service shop.

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