Economic Value of Cub Cadet Lawn and Garden Tractors

Cub Cadet XT2 LX50

Cub Cadet has long been a top choice among homeowners and professional landscapers for their excellent quality lawn and garden tractors.  Not only have they set high standards with their innovative designs and affordable pricing, they have also proven time and again that they stand behind their products with warranties and expert servicing and parts.  Cub Cadet has taken great strides to make their equipment consumer friendly with enhanced comfort and control features as well as things like larger gas tanks so you can work longer without having to stop.  Here are some of the other great ways that Cub Cadet provides a great economic value to anyone purchasing a new lawn and garden tractor:

Made In America

Over the years, Cub Cadet has focused on building a community-oriented business model that seeks to engage employees in what they call “Strongsville”. Strongsville is a cultural revolution that brings traditional American values face to face with passion, innovation and commitment to hard work. All of their manufacturing plants are located in the United States, serving a worldwide market. They rely on their highly skilled and trained team members to source the very best in materials and parts to ensure that each machine is built for durability and long service life.

Strength Meets Comfort

The XT Enduro series is only Cub Cadet’s latest entry in the lawn and garden tractor industry. Bringing technology at the touch of your fingertips to the outdoors, allowing you to monitor the status and maintenance of your tractor in real time with a Bluetooth ready app. They have also included numerous other premium features such as comfortable seats with great suspension for even the bumpiest of terrains.

Award Winning Products

Cub Cadet has been recognized around the world for the quality and value of their products. Most recently claiming Innovation’s Design & Engineering award for their zero-turn mower line, they continue to gather acclaim from industry leaders around the world. The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) also awarded Cub Cadet for their eco-friendly and sustainability with their new all electric zero-turn options.

Customer Support

Of course, any company is only as good as it’s customer service. Cub Cadet wants you to be confident in the machines you buy, and have all the information you need to operate them safely. That’s why they have a full library of helpful videos and tutorials available online for easy access. Take the guesswork out of your lawn care with Cub Cadet’s informative video service.

Where to Buy OEM Accessories and Parts

If you need replacements parts or accessories for any Cub Cadet lawn and garden tractor, visit today. Their team will help you identify the correct parts to fit your machine and ensure that you have all the information you need to keep your equipment running smoothly.


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