Staging Your Yard for Added Curb Appeal

Staging your home for added curb appeal

First impressions can be everything, and when it comes to buying a home, many people make their initial decision based on the way the house looks from the exterior.  A properly groomed landscape can not only entice potential buyers to step inside and learn more about the home, but also add value to the price of the home.

Don’t Let Things Get Out of Control

If you know you’re moving out, it may be hard to stay motivated with the yard maintenance up until you turn over the keys.  However, letting grass and shrubs grow out of control can only hurt the value of your property.  A high-quality self-propelled mower will cut down the time you spend keeping the grass in order, and one of Cub Cadet’s hedge trimmers will keep trees and bushes from taking over walkways and becoming unsightly obstacles that block out your home’s true beauty.

Keep It Simple

While all of the best yards featured in magazines are bursting with color, potted plants, and ornaments, the reality is that many home buyers are not ready to take on that much commitment with a new home purchase.  Beautiful landscaping can be simple and elegant, and also low maintenance. The average homeowner will be armed with a mower, trimmer and a handful of other small tools with which to keep the yard in shape. If your yard currently includes many exotic plants, a pond or other high maintenance features, it could be pushing people away.

Fill Empty Spaces

If you have garden beds that have been neglected in the past, now is the time to spend a little bit of energy on bringing them back to life. Start by getting rid of all the unwanted debris and dead leaves with a leaf blower. A heavy duty tiller can help you break up the soil so you can plant a few flowers for a light touch of color. Some brightly colored mulch will add contrast to the yard and help keep plants healthy while preventing weeds.

Don’t Forget to Wash Up

Cub Cadet offers a line of small pressure washers for use around the home. Clean off decks, sidewalks, driveways and even the siding of your home with a thorough washing. This will remove any discoloration and buildup that has accumulated over the years and make your house look fresh and new from the outside.

Where to Buy Cub Cadet Replacement Parts offers a full range of parts and accessories for Cub Cadet mowers, trimmers, and other landscaping equipment.  Shop online anywhere in the US or Canada to find the parts you need so you can spruce up your yard before it goes on the market.  Always remember that your lawn and garden are the first things potential buyers will see about your home.


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