Getting Your Snowblower Ready for Winter

Snowblower Maintenance

Winter is on its way, and that means it’s time to get your Cub Cadet snowblower out of storage Here’s everything you need to do to be sure you’re ready for the first snowstorm.

Tires and Wheels

Now is a good time to lubricate the axles. Remove the wheels, clean the axles and coat them with automotive-grade grease.

The recommended tire pressure is printed on the sidewall. Do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended pressure: this can rupture of the tire or rim, causing serious injury. If a tire separates from the rim, fit a ratchet strap around the tire tread. Tightening the strap will push the bead against the rim so you can inflate the tire.

Belt (1X Snowblowers)

Remove the cover on the left side of the snowblower and inspect the auger drive belt. Replace the belt if it’s cracked or has stretched to the point that the idler pulley no longer applies tension.

Belts and Gear Box (2X and 3X Snowblowers)

Before adding fuel to the engine, tilt the snowblower back on its handles. Remove the panel on the underside of the blower. Apply anti-seize to the hex-shaped gear shaft and inspect the wheel drive belt. Remove the plastic cover between the engine and the auger housing to inspect the auger drive belt. Replace the belts if they’re cracked or won’t engage.


When folding the handle back into the operating position, make sure the control cables don’t get caught or pinched. Move the throttle, auger control and drive controls through their full range of motion. If you feel some resistance and the cable isn’t kinked, apply a light oil or silicone spray. Move the control back and forth to spread the lubricant.


Inspect the air cleaner for signs of rodent damage. If the filter element is torn apart, thoroughly clean the airbox, intake, and carburetor to prevent bits of foam or paper from entering the engine.

Check the spark plug for damage. Poor storage conditions can rust the terminal and plug cap.

If you didn’t change the oil before storing your equipment, you should do so now. Even a small amount of exhaust contamination can turn oil acidic over time.

Snowblower use is unpredictable, so Cub Cadet recommends using fresh fuel mixed with a fuel stabilizer. This ensures the engine will be ready for the next snowstorm, whether it’s next week or next month. The fuel tank and carburetor should have been drained before storage; if they weren’t, do so now and add fresh, treated fuel.

Some manufacturers recommend lubricating the cylinder with oil before storage. It’s normal for the engine to smoke the first time you start it. This is just the oil burning off.

Auger Paddles (1X Snowblowers)

Like the drive belt, these paddles can dry and crack with age. Inspect both paddles for wear and replace as needed.

Shear Pins and Auger Lubrication

All models have shear pins on the left and right side of the main auger, while 3X snowblowers have a third pin at the front of the center auger. Remove these pins and spray lubricant into the shafts, spacers and flange bushings. Inspect the pins and reinstall them. If a pin shows signs of wear or damage, it needs to be replaced.

Shave Plate

Set the snowblower on a flat, level surface. If the shave plate position is correct, the plate and wheels should touch the ground.

Skid Shoes (2X and 3X Snowblowers)

Set the snowblower on a flat, even surface. The tires and the full length of the skid shoes should touch the ground. If one of the shoes is uneven, loosen the nuts on the side of the blower housing, slide the shoe down until it meets with the ground, and tighten the nuts.

Clean Out Tool (2X and 3X Snowblowers)

Make sure this tool is clipped onto the back of the auger housing.

Parts You Should Have on Hand

Both the shear pins and belts are designed to break under stress to prevent damage to more expensive components. You should have an extra set of both parts on hand will help you get your machine up and running if the auger jams. The 3X snowblower even has a place to store spare shear pins next to the controls.

Get Everything You Need for Your Cub Cadet Snowblower without Leaving Your House

From shear pins to complete augers, you can get everything you need for your Cub Cadet snowblower from We’re an authorized dealer for Cub Cadet, so we carry OEM replacements for everything on your equipment and its engine. Not sure what you need? When you select your model and serial number, our site can show you factory parts diagrams and descriptions so you can see exactly what you’re ordering. We ship across the United States and Canada.

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